Sunday Debrief: Courageous Leadership (2/2/14)

I’m grateful for Sundays like this past one. Where I feel like the sermon was a swing and a miss and somehow, by the grace of God, the Lord ministers to people through it and they let me know. (Tim Keller has mentioned that you need 200 sermons under your belt before you are a competent preacher, so check back with me in 2016 or 2017.) (Also, for all of the “Hans, you did fine” commenters [which don’t really exist], I’m really not looking for sympathy—promise).

Courageous Leadership. For you guys out there, here’s your clip. . .

For you Matt Damon fans, here’s your clip. . .

For everyone else. . .

Granted, those last two aren’t really about courageous leadership, but more just courage. Still, you get the idea. We pray and hope for a church of people courageous enough to lead out in this world for the name and fame of Jesus.

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Sunday Debrief: Advent Confidence (12/8/13)

Come Thou Long Expected Jesus. . . 

We spent this morning beginning our Advent series. (Now, officially, Advent began on December 1 and will continue until Christmas Eve, but we pick and choose when we use the Christian calendar [the ambiguity of whether or not I meant that positively or negatively is on purpose.])

So for this entire series we will look at both the first and second coming(s) of Jesus and how that transforms our ordinary life into something for his purposes. 

This morning we spoke of confidence. . .

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Sunday Debrief: I am Adopted (9/8/13)

Those in Christ are adopted into the family God. Let that sink in.

You are a son, not a slave. You stand not in slavery, but in life as a son or daughter of God, with Jesus as your brother–now and always. This past Sunday excited me because I got to share about one of my favorite topics–belonging to the family of God. And I was extra excited because of the kindness of one Randall Goodgame (we often sing his music during our family worship) who let Evan, team, and a few children (whom I pretended were adopted by their parents when I began preaching) sing his song “I’m Adopted” during the service. (Read Randall explain the song here, and buy all his music here [or on iTunes, but I’m not linking you there]).

After the service Evan told me I couldn’t make any more song requests on Sunday morning. I’m not sure if I will oblige him, though, because he goes above and beyond to involve people in our church family and do the boring things like get permission to play songs such as Randall’s. . .

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Family Worship from the Peanut Gallery

A few years ago, I joined a buddy from staff, a friend from seminary, a few friends and family from a church in Texas, and about 1,500 people I didn’t know in Minneapolis for the Desiring God Conference for Pastors. (OK, truth be told, there was at least one other guy that I knew from seminary. But I intentionally avoided him. I’ll apologize for that in this life or the next.)

The topic: prayer. One of those topics: leading family worship. It struck a chord. Actually, much of that conference struck a chord. And I haven’t been the same since, nor has my family. Well, this year I have attempted to bring family worship into the Googer house with more regularity. It’s been. . .fun, to say the least, to sing songs like this in our house:

So for those of you who think that only superheroes lead family worship, let me share with you family worship from the peanut gallery.

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Sunday Debrief: Clash of Values (7/7/13)

Have you ever thought about how many careers exist in our world because sin exists? I’ve recently been able to give it more thought than usual as I prepared to preach this Sunday from Acts 19. A quick summary of the passage: Paul preached in Ephesus, people were coming to faith in Jesus, and other people were getting annoyed. Enter Demetrius–a man who made a significant amount of money making idols for people to purchase. Needless to say, some people’s newfound faith in Jesus started to shrink the pocket of our friend Demy (what I affectionately call him).


The Temple of Artemis isn’t as nice-looking now

There were really two big points from today. . .

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Sunday Debrief: Everybody Responds to Jesus (6/9/13)

This morning we looked at Acts 17:1-15 as Paul traveled to Thessalonica and Berea during part of his second missionary journey. As he preached, the Jewish Thessalonians responded negatively to Jesus, and the Bereans responded positively.

What became abundantly clear from this morning’s worship and our time together in the passage is this: everybody responds to Jesus.


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