Sunday Debrief: Courageous Leadership (2/2/14)

I’m grateful for Sundays like this past one. Where I feel like the sermon was a swing and a miss and somehow, by the grace of God, the Lord ministers to people through it and they let me know. (Tim Keller has mentioned that you need 200 sermons under your belt before you are a competent preacher, so check back with me in 2016 or 2017.) (Also, for all of the “Hans, you did fine” commenters [which don’t really exist], I’m really not looking for sympathy—promise).

Courageous Leadership. For you guys out there, here’s your clip. . .

For you Matt Damon fans, here’s your clip. . .

For everyone else. . .

Granted, those last two aren’t really about courageous leadership, but more just courage. Still, you get the idea. We pray and hope for a church of people courageous enough to lead out in this world for the name and fame of Jesus.

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Sunday Debrief: Advent Confidence (12/8/13)

Come Thou Long Expected Jesus. . . 

We spent this morning beginning our Advent series. (Now, officially, Advent began on December 1 and will continue until Christmas Eve, but we pick and choose when we use the Christian calendar [the ambiguity of whether or not I meant that positively or negatively is on purpose.])

So for this entire series we will look at both the first and second coming(s) of Jesus and how that transforms our ordinary life into something for his purposes. 

This morning we spoke of confidence. . .

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Sunday Debrief: Making Time for the Father (11/3/13)

Nobody likes a poser but we all try to be one. And if we’re not careful, we’ll never be exposed. 

I wonder how many people would short-circuit spiritual growth if they knew they’d never be caught. We know that in many industries people do the exact same thing to proposer in their job, though we get angrier if they choose to do it in certain sports (like baseball). I couldn’t even escape the idea of cheating on the job while watching a movie with my kids on Friday. The whole storyline of Monster’s Inc. actually begins because a certain, slimy Randall Boggs cheats by padding his scream stats after closing hours. No, nobody likes a poser but we all try to be one. 

IMG 0739

(Was Barry Bonds a cheater? Only the court of public opinion has ruled; but it was cool to see this at Cooperstown).

In Matthew 6 Jesus reminds us of what is most important when we are considering our own pursuit of the spiritual life. It’s not that we are seen, how we are seen, or that we demonstrate it all publicly. No, what matters most is a life that pursues God in secret. Yet this is the hardest to actually show because it requires a deep love and desire to know (and be with) God when no one else is looking. . .

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Sunday Debrief: A New Priority (10/27/13)

Who do you say that I am?–Jesus (Matt. 16:15)

When you see Jesus as he truly is, he will be given the place that he is always due.

It’s funny how controlling we try to be and how we try to shoehorn Jesus into our lives so that we have some kind of resemblance of him. However, if Jesus really holds all things together, if he really created everything, if he really is the head of the church, if he really died so we might live…something’s gotta give. 

A buddy of mine came up to me in between the services and shared the Powers of 10 with me. I had seen it before but had completely forgotten about it until that point. So the second service got to go through this with me. The first service didn’t. I’m sorry, first service!

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Sunday Debrief: I Am Waiting (10/13/13)

I think I was supposed to write more entries last week. (I don’t think I was, I know I was.) I guess blogging falls down the priority list from time to time (especially the times where I fall asleep much earlier than expected). On to Sunday! 

Suffering. Some Sundays are easier than others to preach. This was one of those. Preaching about pain, hurt, disease, and our hope in Christ through those things. Everybody hurts. Everybody suffers. May hope for the Christian is that she doesn’t see it as meaningless and, more importantly, doesn’t see it as worth much compared to the coming King. 

(HT to Jeff Medders for showing me this video. John Piper references 2 Corinthians 4:17 in his sound byte).

So our Sunday focused on suffering, and the hope of the return of Jesus in it. . . 

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Sunday Debrief: I am Adopted (9/8/13)

Those in Christ are adopted into the family God. Let that sink in.

You are a son, not a slave. You stand not in slavery, but in life as a son or daughter of God, with Jesus as your brother–now and always. This past Sunday excited me because I got to share about one of my favorite topics–belonging to the family of God. And I was extra excited because of the kindness of one Randall Goodgame (we often sing his music during our family worship) who let Evan, team, and a few children (whom I pretended were adopted by their parents when I began preaching) sing his song “I’m Adopted” during the service. (Read Randall explain the song here, and buy all his music here [or on iTunes, but I’m not linking you there]).

After the service Evan told me I couldn’t make any more song requests on Sunday morning. I’m not sure if I will oblige him, though, because he goes above and beyond to involve people in our church family and do the boring things like get permission to play songs such as Randall’s. . .

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