Four Ways I Fake Being Disciplined

In many ways, I’m a fraud. There’s no way around it and no way of hiding it.

Some (not many, just some) look at my life, have heard the goofy rules I make from year to year (like not drinking soft drinks or eating cookies or cake, or something ridiculous like that) and assume I’m disciplined. Some (not many, just some) may see that at times I start my days early in meetings and that proves some kind of discipline. Some (not many, just some) might assume that because I have a degree on my wall, I know how to get an education.

None of it is true. And Jim Collins lets me know that it’ll keep me from becoming truly great. (I actually really like his work.)

So, if you’re a fraud like me (or want to be), I thought I’d share with you a few ways that I fake discipline. . .

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“I’ve Prayed About It”

You can see them coming miles away–those words and phrases that, when used, paint you into the metaphorical Christian corner. You promised yourself that you would take a different route the moment you even thought those words and phrases were coming, but they still found you. How did they find you? Do they have your address? Maybe you were using Apple Maps and it actually re-routed you right into their warpath.

For me, “I’ve prayed about it” is one of those phrases.


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