One Pastor’s Struggle With Altar Calls

I am always aware of the roots of my church, The Chapel. That in the 1970s Billy Graham came to Tiger Stadium and that arrival stirred the hearts of several couples in Baton Rouge to begin a church. Shortly thereafter they called upon Donald Tabb, who worked with Billy at the time, to be their pastor. The Lord had already been working in Donald’s heart to consider pastoring rather than traveling (he had a young family at the time); and Donald joined.

The Chapel’s 40th Birthday from The Chapel on Vimeo.

Donald can convert a man or woman by simply looking at them. I’m not kidding. His gaze is piercing and gracious. His steel blue eyes look right into your very soul and extract things you never knew were there. He’s a man’s man. And He’s God’s man. And for decades he would give altar calls or opportunities in the service for people to come to Jesus. And they were effective. At the end of June I did a funeral for a man who came to Christ because Donald preached. People in the congregation ask me from time to time why I don’t do them more regularly since that method of preaching was tranformative for their own life.

So this is my opportunity to praise God for Donald and share my heart. . .

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