Scripture Songs

I have spent parts of most weeks over the past two years putting Scripture to music. There are many people who do this better than I do (for example: Randall Goodgame). Still, I do it because it helps me remember, and maybe it will help you.

In 2018, my family went through Replicate Ministries’ F-260 plan. Part of that plan included Scripture memory. We modified our kids’ verses and then used them for our church in 2019. You can see each week’s passage and chord charts here. Here are a few samples:

In 2019, I put the Book of James to song. I did not actually record the songs to be memorable or published (as you can tell from the videos) but you can see those songs here (Google Drive link).

This year, we are memorizing the Sermon on the Mount (another part of Replicate Ministries’ plans). I’ll slowly be assembling those here and sharing them as available.

Matthew 5:1-2

Matthew 5:13-16

Matthew 3:28-42