On a Hope and a Prayer, in a Van

Dale (my brother) and I were talking about the podcast. He’s been busy with work things and I’ve been busy with finding work things, so we haven’t been podcasting regularly. The Houston Rockets have also been in the playoffs and I’ll watch them instead of podcasting (priorities, you know?).

Well, Dale and I were trying to record an episode and I thought, “Well, I could talk about family life in the midst of transition. I’m there right now.” He thought that was a good idea—but then he decided to make it much, much better by not making it about that idea at all.

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Fighting Our Fears and Anxieties

I was recently speaking with a friend about something that we were reading in our F-260 reading plan—something that a number of people at The Chapel are reading through. The conversation led to thoughts that many of us wrestle through—what if something terrible happens to me, my family, or my friends?

If we trust Jesus as sovereign (and our trust or lack of trust has no bearing on his sovereignty), it seems like the amount we worry should only decrease as we walk with him and understand more of his grace and mercy. However, this decrease is not often that apparent. As life continues for us, the number of things to worry about only increases, and the number of worries multiplies each time. How do we deal with that? Continue reading “Fighting Our Fears and Anxieties”

Catching up on the Podcast

I have been so late on the podcast updates. Forgive me. Blog posts that double as podcast updates are also kind of cheater posts, aren’t they? I do have more posts to write, but taking the time to sit down and hammer them out has evaded me.You deserve better, internet. Much better.

In the meantime, Dale and I have recorded a couple of podcast episodes that you may or may not like. We have tried (a little)  harder over the past episodes to bring episodes that you’ll like.  Continue reading “Catching up on the Podcast”

Keeping Knowledge from Puffing Up

I have a friend who, by the time of this posting, will have finished her dissertation defense. By God’s grace, I’ll be in that spot in about a month. After people complete their defense, they are the proud owners of an infinitesimal amount of knowledge in a section of a section of a section of a sliver of the knowledge pie. Their dissertation goes on the shelf of a library somewhere and will barely ever be referenced again (in most cases). (I have a friend who said he was considering putting a $20 bill into his dissertation just to see if anyone would ever take it off the shelf and thumb through it.)

Knowledge is an interesting thing. Some people crave it; others run away from it. We don’t want to be too “heady” and lose the heart, or so we say. At the same time, we are supposed to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind (Matt 22:37). We hear that knowledge puffs up (1 Cor 8:1) so we might wonder if there is any use for knowledge and growing in knowledge. I find at least two ways to keep knowledge from puffing up . . .

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A (Usually) Unique Difference in Pastoral Change

Last week I wrote my initial thoughts on change in ministry. In that post I mentioned that I’m much more like any congregant when it comes to ministry change. We are all ministers of the gospel and need to regularly ask ourselves (and the Lord) how we can best serve the local church and be a part of seeing the gospel go to the nations. When it comes to that, I am just like anyone else.

However, when it comes to serving as a pastor in the way that I (or others) do, there is (usually) a unique difference. This difference doesn’t apply to all areas of service the same way (I think Oaks site pastor was my third distinct role at The Chapel), but does come about with certain roles.  Continue reading “A (Usually) Unique Difference in Pastoral Change”

Three Thoughts on Changing Gears in Ministry

My assumption is that if you are reading this, then you likely know that this past Sunday I announced my transition off of staff at The Chapel. I’m not leaving immediately, but will be leaving in the coming months. I’ve been a part of talking about staff transitions at The Chapel, but I’ve never been the subject.

It is different to be on the other side of the announcement. The past few months for me have had moments of grieving, joy, and encouragement. As I’ve talked through decisions with numerous friends and family, I am confident in God’s faithfulness and sad to be leaving people I love.

As I’ve processed the past few days (and weeks, and months, and years), I have a few thoughts. These thoughts are simply preliminary as I try to work out how I’m actually feeling—or at least put words to it.

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