Sunday Debrief: Shepherding the Flock (7/14/13)

Some days I walk away from preaching thinking I nailed it, other days I don’t. I’m not sure what yesterday was. All signs should’ve pointed to the sermon working perfectly. It is a topic I love (elders and church leadership) at a church I love (The Chapel) where I got to highlight the leadership of the church that I love (our own elders).

The text came from Acts 20:17-38, Paul’s farewell speech to the Ephesian elders. I love this side of Paul’s ministry because he isn’t speaking about elders (like we see in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1) but is speaking to elders. It is a unique insight into how Jesus turned this murderer into a pastor or pastors. I called it the first pastor’s conference. To highlight the passage, we got to share this video of our own elders at The Chapel:

By God’s grace, it doesn’t really matter how I felt at the end of the Sunday. I got the blessing of sharing about a critical part of church life. . .

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Why Church Membership? | Focused Expectations

I believe very strongly in decision paralysis. People cling to the idea that the more options you have the more freedom you have. There’s just one issue: many people become less decisive with more options. Pretend you had never eaten cereal a day in your life and I take you to the grocery store. Which one do you choose? (If your answer is anything but Lucky Charms or Cinnamon Toast Crunch, you are wrong). Churches fall prey to this. They offer fourteen baker’s dozens of programming and simply ask you to “get involved” in some of them. And then, before you know it, you are a community group leader, a greeter, on a steering committee for the worship ministry, and a table host at the new member’s class. Then the prospective member asks this (horrifying) question:

How do you see me involved in this church body? 

IMG 0549

It’s a threat level midnight kind of question. . .

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Sunday Debrief: Clash of Values (7/7/13)

Have you ever thought about how many careers exist in our world because sin exists? I’ve recently been able to give it more thought than usual as I prepared to preach this Sunday from Acts 19. A quick summary of the passage: Paul preached in Ephesus, people were coming to faith in Jesus, and other people were getting annoyed. Enter Demetrius–a man who made a significant amount of money making idols for people to purchase. Needless to say, some people’s newfound faith in Jesus started to shrink the pocket of our friend Demy (what I affectionately call him).


The Temple of Artemis isn’t as nice-looking now

There were really two big points from today. . .

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Sunday Debrief: The Correction of Christ (6/30/13)

There are some sermons you preach that you wish you could’ve stretched into many, many more sermons. This past Sunday was one of those. Acts 18:24-19:20 (a chunk of Paul’s third missionary journey) has so many stories that I could’ve preached it over the course of four or five or six weeks. But more on that in a second. . .

We were out of town at Family Camp this past week. I’m not much on jumping up and down, loud cheers, and other high-energy things, but I love going there. This was our second year and we plan, Lord willing, to get there next year. Getting back into the pulpit after nine(ish) days of vacation with the family is good and bad. Good because I missed The Oaks (though The Oaks is always in great hands when I’m gone—better than my own). Bad because I was gone for nine days and didn’t think much about preaching (replace “much” with “at all”).

We work on sermons about 17 days out in these parts so it wasn’t the preparation that really bothered me, as a lot of that was done a few weeks ago; but it was simply getting back in the groove and into this super-long passage. . .

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