Worship Songs and Bad Theology: The Podcast

Christians and their worship music. A topic upon which people find little agreement.

For today’s post, I wanted to update a years-old conversation on worship songs and (oftentimes bad) theology. This post (from three-and-a-half years ago) still gets more views during a month than most of my other posts. People definitely care about their songs. Many conversations about worship music focus on style (while an easier conversation to have, that conversation can often produce shallow results because it focuses largely on preference). However, worship songs are conduits of truth. (And the preacher in me knows that people remember songs much more than they remember sermons. Maybe I should sing my sermons.)

In this week’s podcast, Dale and I are joined by two other family members—Evan Godbold and Kevin Bowles (both worship pastors)—to discuss worship songs and theology. You also get to see the new podcast artwork (which is much better than the old podcast artwork, no offense to Dale):

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How these two worship pastors evaluate the songs that make it into their worship services
  • What types of songs these two pastors don’t use because they have confusing and/or bad theology
  • Some of the confusing lines in certain worship songs and how they’re evaluated
  • Some of their go-to songs because of the rich theology they carry (spoiler alert: this song, this song, and this song make the cut)
  • Numerous jokes that only we think are funny

You can listen below and subscribe on iTunes if you never want to miss the party:

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The Benefits of Synced up Family Bible Reading

If you’ve read the blog before then you know that I write about my attempts at family worship. We sing, we read Bible stories, we act out Bible stories, we make up catechism songs, and probably other things. As the kids grow (and Courtney and I age) we change our tactics, so I thought about an update.

In 2018 we are trying something new (to us). With a little help from Replicate Ministries, the family and I have attacked a modified Bible reading plan that puts me, Courtney, and the older two boys reading the same passages and memorizing the same verses. This is a first for us, but it has (one month in to 2018) been incredibly beneficial. Allow me to explain the structure and the benefits: Continue reading “The Benefits of Synced up Family Bible Reading”

Family Worship From the Peanut Gallery 2.0

Over two years ago I pulled back the curtain on how our family did “family worship” (that whole idea of praying, Bible reading, etc. with your family). It wasn’t magical. In fact, there is no curtain at all. I still think in some people’s minds the idea resembles something from The Saturday Evening Post (though I think the enthusiasm might be similar to the picture below). But that is so far from reality for any family I know.

Two years ago was a long time ago in the life of a young family. Everyone is . . . older. Kids are developing differently. Everyone is in some type of school (even dad [mom is in the school of hard knocks]). We are learning to read, learning to think differently, and learning to serve others better.

With that in mind, here is the updated (though I wouldn’t say “new and improved”) way we are talking about Jesus together as a family.  Continue reading “Family Worship From the Peanut Gallery 2.0”

Give Me Your Thoughts: Worship Songs and Bad Theology

Some of the most well-known worship songs today come out of certain movements. Overseas (and now in New York) we have Hillsong; here in the States we have Bethel. Some of you reading go, “Who?” But, believe me, a generation of Christians is not going “Who?” Hillsong could well be the most globally-recognized church “brand” right now (other than Catholicism). They are zealous for the gospel and seeing people know Jesus—a constant source of encouragement and personal challenge to me. I am grateful for what God does through them.


However, at times (and because of the global-ness of the movement), we hear about weird things coming from them. Things such as pastors faking cancer, or perhaps leaders teaching youth stupid things about God—like googling your theology or that angels have farting contests (no, really, watch the video).

These types of things cause me to pause and reflect on whether or not to use songs coming from these movements in our services; but I am also aware that a song doesn’t define a person or a movement (some of you from a different generation may recognize that same thing about Keith Green). So, rather than just think about that alone, I’ve asked my worship pastor friends to give me their thoughts. I put this question to them: How do you approach song selection when songs may come from movements that have unorthodox (or even heretical) teaching? Here are their (brief) thoughts. (I asked for 100-200 words. Fike and Kevin didn’t obey.)

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Sunday Debrief: God’s House (8/17/14)

I got to the building this morning a little behind. I have spent most of the week in Kentucky—pretending like I belong in school again—sitting through hours of class about research methods, faith and scholarship, how to properly format footnotes, and re-living my college dorm room days. (The lady in charge of Southern Seminary formatting would probably say the previous sentence is is too long). I had reviewed the sermon again last night and usually do the same Sunday mornings from the time I get to the office until about 8:30, then off to pray. We began a new series today: God’s House (a study of 1 Timothy). 

After last week’s sermon in Mark 2, I emailed Kevin McKee (AKA ‘boss man’) and asked him if we could just stay in Mark, scrapping all that we’ve done for 1 Timothy and just stay in the gospels. He didn’t reply back to me, which I took as a “no.” I’m glad he did. This should be fun. I shared three hopes at the end of the service that I wanted to share with you all. . .

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