Sunday Debrief: Celebration Sunday (4/13/14)

“Through profound pain and loss, God has revealed his grace and mercy. The Transformation series has shown our family and myself that is is all God’s. Everything we have, everything we are is his. To God be the glory.” —One of our dozens of response cards from Celebration Sunday. 

We’ve finished the Transformation 2014 series. Some are rejoicing that it is over. Others are saddened. The rest of you are in the middle and wondering what is next. 🙂  I’m grateful for all of you. 

If you weren’t here yesterday, you missed out on a sweet Sunday—one unlike our usual Sundays. Stories were told, people were challenged, and everyone was given an opportunity to say “this is how God has changed/is changing me” (writing that I thought, “Wait, this shouldn’t be ‘unlike our usual’”). The board of response cards has more than I’ve currently counted—dozens, but I’m not sure how many. 

To finish this series off I wanted to simply share four thoughts now that this is all finished. 

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Sunday Debrief: Trusting God Completely (3/16/14)

The world will come at you and remind you regularly that your life will not be fully satisfied until you have what it has. Then, after you get it, you’ll suddenly feel outdated, antiquated, unhealthy, poor, embarrassed, or something else ridiculous simply because you do not have the next thing it is offering you.

Discontentment rises to the surface, sets it sights on you, and fires away until you succumb. And believers together often have a much easier times talking about their new house, renovation, car, or any other thing than they actually do talking about the transformation of their hearts in Christ.

The reason? I’m not a doctor, but I think at least in part it is because we believe a lie–the lie that Jesus changing us is less attractive and important than the newest thing we have.

So what’s the solution? Trusting our savior and enjoying him. Let’s remind ourselves of the words of Christ through Paul.

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Sunday Debrief: The Eternal Gamble (3/9/14)

Some people like outlines. I usually enjoy making them for preaching; but sometimes they get in the way. This Sunday was one of those times. And, while it may not have mattered much in the end, I didn’t want the outline to get in the way of the point. (For those of you wondering why, we usually make our outlines a few weeks ahead of the Sunday, so there may be some variance in the final product from time to time.)

Luke 16 and the dishonest manager is a parable that many of us don’t understand.

I, too, struggled to get why this parable was told the way it was and why Jesus said what he did. Luckily, it isn’t on me to figure it all out on my own. I asked a dear friend—one with decades of ministry and teaching people about Jesus—for his thoughts. Here they are. . .

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Sunday Debrief: Caught in a Trap (3/2/14)

I hope everyone enjoyed their (very cheap) Chinese finger trap. I saw people breaking them right after the service. You’re welcome. 

Getting rich (or dying while we try) isn’t just a trap that we may fall into, many of us already have. We fill our lives, or bank accounts, our homes, and our plates with things for us—with a constant need to gain more. Gordon Gekko infamously reminds us of this idea.

But not so for the Christian (or at least, we would hope it to not be so) . . .

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