Sunday Debrief: Salt and Light (1/11/15)

If Jesus desired that we constantly surround ourselves with others who believe in him and never interact with those who don’t believe in him then it follows that he might as well just end our lives on this earth. Poof. Mission Accomplished.At the same time, if he just wanted you to exist in this world with no direction then what would you be living for?

salt and light


In Matt 5:13-16 Jesus shows us the relationship we are to have with the world. “You are the salt of the earth . . . . You are the light of the world.” In other worlds: there is a way Christians function in this world, it is unique, noticeable, and reflective of Jesus  . . . Continue reading “Sunday Debrief: Salt and Light (1/11/15)”

The Local Church is a Gift

I have written before on how I think that saying you are a part of the global church while opting out of a local church is a ridiculous thought. That concept, I believe, exists in part because of how quickly technology has connected us globally, and also in part because of the fact that we don’t love the things Jesus loves. The local church will exist always and forever. It will outlast your marriage, your family, and your legacy—you will worship eternally with the global church made local.

Derek Webb’s song “The Church” cuts to the heart of this morning’s sermon. I’d encourage you to listen to it. The song starts at the 3:30 mark; until then, you get Derek’s thought on worship styles and churches that divide over them (please note his thoughts are not my endorsement one way or another). If you know a bit of Derek’s story, you know now there’s a tragic irony to his statements.

What makes the local church unique? We discussed five ideas this morning from 1 Peter 4:7-11 . . . Continue reading “The Local Church is a Gift”

Sunday Debrief: Servants of the Church (10/5/14)

It’s been an emotionally tiring few weeks. If you are a part of The Chapel family in any way, then you know why. It’s been hard to muster up entries on much of anything, but why not dive back in on a Sunday where we talk about (dun dun dun!) DEACONS. You know them as the nice people in the picture below.

If I were giving this sermon a baseball term I would say it was a bloop single—glad I at least got on base. I’m a bad journaler. Some people are journal rock stars, but this guy is not. So you get me blogging about my inadequacies instead. 🙂 However, I am grateful to be getting into these subjects a little more as a church (although, to quote Fike, these sermons “aren’t sexy”—he’s right).

So, on to deacons. . .

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Sunday Debrief: God’s House (8/17/14)

I got to the building this morning a little behind. I have spent most of the week in Kentucky—pretending like I belong in school again—sitting through hours of class about research methods, faith and scholarship, how to properly format footnotes, and re-living my college dorm room days. (The lady in charge of Southern Seminary formatting would probably say the previous sentence is is too long). I had reviewed the sermon again last night and usually do the same Sunday mornings from the time I get to the office until about 8:30, then off to pray. We began a new series today: God’s House (a study of 1 Timothy). 

After last week’s sermon in Mark 2, I emailed Kevin McKee (AKA ‘boss man’) and asked him if we could just stay in Mark, scrapping all that we’ve done for 1 Timothy and just stay in the gospels. He didn’t reply back to me, which I took as a “no.” I’m glad he did. This should be fun. I shared three hopes at the end of the service that I wanted to share with you all. . .

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Sunday Debrief: There’s Room at the Table of Grace (8/10/14)

Sundays like today are one of the main reasons I do what I do. The whole morning, from start to finish, blessed and encouraged me, and I hope it did the same for you. I know that the ones who gathered this morning do not want a sterile, decaying church. I believe we want to see real change happen in real people. I believe that we want to trust Jesus to be that change rather than be Jesus’ triage nurse, telling him what’s wrong with everyone and what they need.

For our church, I think it’s time for a leap of faith. . . Continue reading “Sunday Debrief: There’s Room at the Table of Grace (8/10/14)”

Sunday Debrief: (Re)Discover Reconciliation (5/11/14)

Mother’s Day means child dedications. Child dedications mean I freak out more than I do over any other part of the service. “What if I get the name wrong?” “Everyone is counting on me.” “Even the GREAT grandmother is here!?!?!” “What if I forget the parents’ names?” The stress is nearly insurmountable. Even with practice the names, eve scouting out which parents are which before the service, I end bumble through the names and prayers HOPING that the families feel the least bit honored.

And then we go on with the service. . .

Reconciliation. God making right what we never could, though that certainly won’t stop us from trying. Such a rich and important word always leaves me feeling less-than-adequate to preach. You want a joke? You got it. A story or two? Absolutely. Talk about my failures? I can do that for the next fifteen days without stopping. Try to communicate the great act of God to restore us to him? Hmmm. I don’t know if I can take that on. . .

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