A New Podcast for You

“For you” is likely a stretch since nobody asked me to start a new podcast, but it felt better than saying “for me.” Yes, world, a new podcast has been in the works and I wanted to share it on the blog because that’s some of my connection back to the Louisiana world. Drumroll please . . .

About a month ago I was talking to my cousin Evan about the potential of starting a podcast. He and I talk a lot—always have—and have drastically different interests. At the same time, there’s always been enough similarity, mutual respect, and collegiality (is that the right word?) that we thought we could give it a run.

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On a Hope and a Prayer, in a Van

Dale (my brother) and I were talking about the podcast. He’s been busy with work things and I’ve been busy with finding work things, so we haven’t been podcasting regularly. The Houston Rockets have also been in the playoffs and I’ll watch them instead of podcasting (priorities, you know?).

Well, Dale and I were trying to record an episode and I thought, “Well, I could talk about family life in the midst of transition. I’m there right now.” He thought that was a good idea—but then he decided to make it much, much better by not making it about that idea at all.

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Catching up on the Podcast

I have been so late on the podcast updates. Forgive me. Blog posts that double as podcast updates are also kind of cheater posts, aren’t they? I do have more posts to write, but taking the time to sit down and hammer them out has evaded me.You deserve better, internet. Much better.

In the meantime, Dale and I have recorded a couple of podcast episodes that you may or may not like. We have tried (a little)  harder over the past episodes to bring episodes that you’ll like.  Continue reading “Catching up on the Podcast”