Simple (And Not-So-Simple) Ways to Love Baton Rouge

A dear friend came up to me after the service mentioning how difficult it is to apply a message on loving your city. Where do you start? How do you engage Baton Rouge? Where do you get intertwined into the city in a meaningful way?

I got to thinking this afternoon and wanted to give a few reasons that I have tracked down, listed (in my opinion) by difficulty.  Continue reading “Simple (And Not-So-Simple) Ways to Love Baton Rouge”

Your Home–A Key to World Changing

Your home. Your apartment. Your condo. Your tent. Whatever it may be, God has already given you what is, to me, the biggest evangelistic tool you could possibly have. The place you live.

Hospitality is not mainly hosting parties. Biblical hospitality thinks differently.

Jeff Vanderstelt // Hospitality & the Church in America from Newfrontiers USA on Vimeo.

Let’s dive in and look at the biblical view of hospitality. People have written tomes on this, so you can go read those if you want better answers. But hospitality has always been key to the life of God’s people.

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