On a Hope and a Prayer, in a Van

Dale (my brother) and I were talking about the podcast. He’s been busy with work things and I’ve been busy with finding work things, so we haven’t been podcasting regularly. The Houston Rockets have also been in the playoffs and I’ll watch them instead of podcasting (priorities, you know?).

Well, Dale and I were trying to record an episode and I thought, “Well, I could talk about family life in the midst of transition. I’m there right now.” He thought that was a good idea—but then he decided to make it much, much better by not making it about that idea at all.

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Marriage Truth From @TimKellerNYC

I don’t have to corner on marriage or happiness. Ten years of marriage gets me very little in life experience. Jesus is the one we all need. This new series—”When I Say ‘I Do'”—has been a joy to preach and plan for. And we have bee praying it bears fruit in our church.


One person whose teaching on marriage has benefitted me greatly is Tim Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian church in NYC. I compiled some of his best tweets on the subject for your reading pleasure . . . Continue reading “Marriage Truth From @TimKellerNYC”