Is Good Really the Enemy of Great in the Church?

On Monday, I wrote about a passage in Ephesians that I often find misused. I don’t find it ruin-your-church-worthy, but I do think it is used in such a way that is inconsistent with what I understand it to be saying and with what I understand about church life. Today, I wanted to expand on a leadership saying that those in the church often import without discernment.

(As a disclaimer: I like leadership books and I like leadership talks and I think that they can help church leaders make better decisions. I think it is all part of God’s general revelation into how the world works and how people works, but they aren’t canon and they never should be. )

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Three Time Adjustments I’ve Had to Make

There has been a lot of adjusting going on in our house since moving to Texas in July of last year. It feels a bit funny to say that but it is true. Though I am living close to where I grew up (an irony not lost on me because it was never on my bucket list to live near home), there have been a lot of changes that have come along the way. One of the biggest ones for me—specifically in regard to how I pursue pastoral ministry—is regarding time.

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Give What You Can, When You Can, for as Long As You Can. Then Change.

Courtney laughs at me because I’m always tinkering with things, changing my schedule, trying something new, and then changing it again. I admit it: I’m fickle. But with the addition of a third child (and now three children under the age of four [but praise God, one of those is out of diapers]), I am again evaluating what I can give and for how long.

A pastoral confession (maybe not for everyone, but for me): I talk to a lot of people who work a lot of hours and often wonder if I should keep up. I don’t know how they do it. Twelve- and thirteen-hour days, five days a week, weeks on end. Yes, I do try and live in the rhythms of the people around me, but there comes a point where I simply throw in the towel. I can’t run that fast or that long (even after going to Exerfit for almost two months).

So I wanted to share just a little about what God has been teaching me. Here goes. . .

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Things I Didn’t Learn In Seminary Part 3 | Developing Staff

This post doesn’t apply to all churches, I know that. Many churches have a single staff member to do everything (to those of you who have that situation, I salute you). The Chapel isn’t that. We have a big staff. Bigger than I even knew. They all serve in a unique role in our church, but all of them are on the team.

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One thing that I seminary gave me almost zero tools for is how to care for this staff.

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