Three Observations Coming Out of the Idols Series

Yesterday we “finished” the Idols series. I use quotes because we never fully cast off these idols until Jesus returns, do we? Our time on this earth is a constant battle against our flesh and the desires in us to set something other than God up as God. We hit only a few these past few weeks and there are many others that have been brought to mind in that time.


Oaks family, I’m grateful for you. These haven’t been the easiest to get through. They cause us to consider our own hearts, and then our flesh causes us to blame others and talk about how they are the problems and not us. Our hearts certainly are weird places, aren’t they?

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I *Think* This is A Compliment

A sermon series in idols isn’t always the most enjoyable sermon series. They mess with us. They make us wonder how committed we are to our Savior and Lord. Those questions are good questions for us to ask (2 Cor. 13:5)—especially within the cushy Christian life that we often find ourselves in.

This text, sent from a dear friend, communicates what a lot of us might be feeling. Myself included.


What about you? What thoughts do you have on our Idols series so far?

Your Home–A Key to World Changing

Your home. Your apartment. Your condo. Your tent. Whatever it may be, God has already given you what is, to me, the biggest evangelistic tool you could possibly have. The place you live.

Hospitality is not mainly hosting parties. Biblical hospitality thinks differently.

Jeff Vanderstelt // Hospitality & the Church in America from Newfrontiers USA on Vimeo.

Let’s dive in and look at the biblical view of hospitality. People have written tomes on this, so you can go read those if you want better answers. But hospitality has always been key to the life of God’s people.

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Sunday Debrief: A New Kind of Normal (2/9/14)

This past Sunday we kicked off our Transformation 2014 campaign. This isn’t your mama’s stewardship campaign. This is an all-out, months-in-the-making, idol-crushing look at how we handle our finances in light of Jesus and all he has done for us (not the “please give us your money so we can build a new building” campaign). 


This campaign idea actually started years ago in the minds and hearts of many in our church (though we’ve been working diligently the past eleven months in this unique expression). For years The Chapel has had folks who counsel people financially, and time and time again they’ve encountered people of all ages and financial situations who are in terrible—even idolatrous—financial situations. 

My brothers, this should not be. 

Rather than just preach at people and tell them to get their house in order, we wanted to take it a step further. We are also offering a tool to help our families consider their finances. That tool is Financial Peace University. So while we preach on Sundays around the issues of the heart regarding finance, our whole church is going through FPU at the same time (or as many as possible—currently around 600). . .

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Truer Words. . .

I just caught this on Twitter, but wanted to repost here for some other folks who subscribe to the blog. It’s a portion of a David Platt sermon that focuses on the idolatry of sports in our culture. 

Idolatry and Sports from David Platt on Vimeo.

I speak about this fairly often, but sometimes it is good to hear someone else say things in different (and better) ways. I agree 100% with what is said. Sports are the dominant religion of our culture and nothing else comes close, in my observation; and I’m not just talking about LSU football. We disciple our children to love sports above all, and it is working. 

The funny thing to me in this is that many men struggle with the idea of discipleship, specifically discipling their family. If you love sports, train your children in loving sports, orient your life around sports, get excited and emotional about sports, then you are already discipling your kids. Root out your idol, give those affections to Jesus, and be amazed.