Tensions in Grace and Growth

This Sunday we will be continuing in our Resolved series. Every Sunday we are pulling back the curtain on our motivations and, by God’s grace, praying for the Scriptures to take root and produce new convictions and habits. Personally, I have found this series both challenging and encouraging. It has been challenging because I am finding so many areas where I leave my life unchecked. It has been encouraging because grace always stands to receive me when I realize that.

This Sunday we delve into just that idea—how do we think about the grace we have in Jesus and, at the same time, our own personal growth as believers? These topics bring tension—both for the preacher and for the listener. Continue reading “Tensions in Grace and Growth”

Sunday Debrief: The Gospel Foundation (8/24/14)

Don’t Christians sometimes make coming to church feel like this? Like we have the right answers, the right responses, and the absolute right way to live—and we should never question it? I’ve been that man—shoot, I often am that man. I cannot fathom how someone struggles with something I don’t struggle with; nor can I fathom someone who doesn’t struggle with something I do.

Today, like every other Sunday, we were confronted with our savior—who he is, what he’s done, and how we need him. Uniquely, we spoke from 1 Timothy 1:1-11 and how gospel ministry does certain things. . .

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Sunday Debrief: Pervasive Grace (1/12/14)

Life ran away from me over the past month. I’ve failed to give an update on our Sundays for over a month!

In talking with a friend, I mentioned that this Sunday people at the second service will likely remember three things: (1) that I said “have a drink”; (2) that I said “dork”; and (2) that I am a selfish and meticulous person. I told him that that was not my goal in the least. What I hoped people heard was that God’s grace is relentless, and that we all need it.*

Yet somehow, we miss it more often than we find it. Like we don’t even know the song that is sung to us morning by morning.


(For more info on this experiment, read here.)

The grace of God is the thing we have to offer people in this world. It’s the most unique thing about our faith. It changes entire villages. It restores broken souls and resurrects dead lives. Nothing is more important. Nothing is more satisfying. And it comes to us through what Christ did on the cross. 

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The Slow, Steady Drip of God’s Grace and Birth Control Pills

I understand that this topic is sensitive for many, but I want to share since I alluded to it on Sunday.

I spoke Sunday about having to face the reality of a decision I made early in marriage that I had to deal with three to four years later. It seemed harmless enough, and for many couples, it is; but it took time for me to come to grips with my own decisions and receive the grace that Jesus died for me to receive. And it revolved around birth control pills.

Is there a connection between birth control pills and abortion? from Randy Alcorn on Vimeo.

If you’re wondering why this matters, let me explain.

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