Give Me Your Thoughts: Worship Songs and Bad Theology

Some of the most well-known worship songs today come out of certain movements. Overseas (and now in New York) we have Hillsong; here in the States we have Bethel. Some of you reading go, “Who?” But, believe me, a generation of Christians is not going “Who?” Hillsong could well be the most globally-recognized church “brand” right now (other than Catholicism). They are zealous for the gospel and seeing people know Jesus—a constant source of encouragement and personal challenge to me. I am grateful for what God does through them.


However, at times (and because of the global-ness of the movement), we hear about weird things coming from them. Things such as pastors faking cancer, or perhaps leaders teaching youth stupid things about God—like googling your theology or that angels have farting contests (no, really, watch the video).

These types of things cause me to pause and reflect on whether or not to use songs coming from these movements in our services; but I am also aware that a song doesn’t define a person or a movement (some of you from a different generation may recognize that same thing about Keith Green). So, rather than just think about that alone, I’ve asked my worship pastor friends to give me their thoughts. I put this question to them: How do you approach song selection when songs may come from movements that have unorthodox (or even heretical) teaching? Here are their (brief) thoughts. (I asked for 100-200 words. Fike and Kevin didn’t obey.)

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