Sunday Debrief: Men and Women in Worship (9/21/14)

Women in ministry is not a “problem” or an “issue.” Women expressing their gifts in the church is not heretical. Women correcting men and helping them to grow in their faith should never be anathematized (Acts 18:26). Woman appropriately confronting men on their sin is not sin (unless you believe the “brother” of Matt 18:15 is always masculine, and then women should never confront anyone who has sinned against them). However, I do believe the way they are treated (or assumptions made about the way they are treated) is a problem and an issue—and should be addressed by God’s people.


Topics like today (1 Tim 2:8-15) are difficult to preach well (at least for me). We all want clarity, but sometimes it evades us. (Also, I wasn’t as helpful in 1 Tim 2:15 as I wanted to be; check out this resource for the many interpretations.)  Try as we might, we all make jumps—some small, some large—to work out what the passage means. . .

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