Pastors Need Friends, Too

Sometimes being a pastor stinks. This is one of those weeks. I’ve been an emotional mess (though I hide it like the best of Pharisees). I have read that 70% of pastors lack good friendships. While I cannot prove this data, I wouldn’t be surprised. Pastors can isolate themselves.  

This week, two things happened that have done a number on me (much more than I thought they would). On Monday, a dear friend and member of our church died of cancer. The cancer didn’t let him live long, as it quickly took hostage the two months the doctors gave him and shortened it to three weeks. Then, tonight I was around many friends of the church as we sent two of them off down the road–albeit it just an hour down the road. I don’t like losing people. 


Who said, “Standard hand-on-shoulder pose”?

Weeks like this have me thinking a lot about pastors and friendships, and just how important they are–even if you have to say goodbye. 

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How Do You Spend Your Saturday Nights?

Saturday nights for the preacher certainly can be fun—or at least interesting. I remember being in town from seminary at an awesome LSU game when my buddy who was preaching (let’s just call him John L.) left somewhere in the third quarter. (I wonder if he regrets it). Either way, I thought he was crazy.

I am sure there are some pastors who use Saturday to get amped for Sunday. I try to do the same; but I also have small kids, a wife who likes me to be around (she must be crazy), and dear friends. So tonight Courtney and I get to spend some time with these three kids (I had to take a picture of one of their pictures because I forgot to take one before they went to bed!) while their parents celebrate 11 years of marriage. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Photo on 6 1 13 at 8 50 PM

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