On a Hope and a Prayer, in a Van

Dale (my brother) and I were talking about the podcast. He’s been busy with work things and I’ve been busy with finding work things, so we haven’t been podcasting regularly. The Houston Rockets have also been in the playoffs and I’ll watch them instead of podcasting (priorities, you know?).

Well, Dale and I were trying to record an episode and I thought, “Well, I could talk about family life in the midst of transition. I’m there right now.” He thought that was a good idea—but then he decided to make it much, much better by not making it about that idea at all.

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The Benefits of Synced up Family Bible Reading

If you’ve read the blog before then you know that I write about my attempts at family worship. We sing, we read Bible stories, we act out Bible stories, we make up catechism songs, and probably other things. As the kids grow (and Courtney and I age) we change our tactics, so I thought about an update.

In 2018 we are trying something new (to us). With a little help from Replicate Ministries, the family and I have attacked a modified Bible reading plan that puts me, Courtney, and the older two boys reading the same passages and memorizing the same verses. This is a first for us, but it has (one month in to 2018) been incredibly beneficial. Allow me to explain the structure and the benefits: Continue reading “The Benefits of Synced up Family Bible Reading”

Podcast Episode 04—Family Devos

Last week Dale and I spent some time recording this podcast around how we try and lead our families in the hilarity of family devotionals. Two young dads making fools of ourselves and creating memories for our children that we are unsure they will look back on fondly or suppress. As of right now, I think I’d choose suppress. 🙂

If you are counting then you realize that I didn’t post Episode 03. That one is right here, where we tried to talk about religious liberty and modest bathing suits (Burkinis, specifically).

Family Worship From the Peanut Gallery 2.0

Over two years ago I pulled back the curtain on how our family did “family worship” (that whole idea of praying, Bible reading, etc. with your family). It wasn’t magical. In fact, there is no curtain at all. I still think in some people’s minds the idea resembles something from The Saturday Evening Post (though I think the enthusiasm might be similar to the picture below). But that is so far from reality for any family I know.

Two years ago was a long time ago in the life of a young family. Everyone is . . . older. Kids are developing differently. Everyone is in some type of school (even dad [mom is in the school of hard knocks]). We are learning to read, learning to think differently, and learning to serve others better.

With that in mind, here is the updated (though I wouldn’t say “new and improved”) way we are talking about Jesus together as a family.  Continue reading “Family Worship From the Peanut Gallery 2.0”

Preacher Kids and Being Normal

You’ve seen my family before (and they show up on the right side of this page). They’re truly my joy. These three boys keep Courtney and me going (crazy, at times, but that still can be filed under “going”). Googers2015-043

I had lunch with a friend last week and he asked me a great question: What are you doing to keep your kids from being the usual preacher kids? Interesting question. I haven’t actually codified anything, and I don’t think I have done this long enough to codify anything, but I do have a few principles I go by that I thought I’d share for the fun of it.  Continue reading “Preacher Kids and Being Normal”

The Journey of the Christmas Card

Christmas cards went in the mail last week, and a few are going in this week. Christmas cards are an interesting phenomenon. I don’t remember getting many growing up, and I don’t remember our family doing one. Now we spend weeks preparing them (and by “we” I actually mean the Googer fam) and actually have a spot in the house to display the ones we get. We also keep the cards we received in boxes for that magic day when we . . .look through them, I guess. (?)

So, if you did not receive it, or haven’t received it, here it is!

Googer Card Front 15


(You’ll notice that it is the same picture that now sits to the right on this page, as each year I usually take some part of the Christmas picture photo shoot and make it the image on the blog.)
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