Should I Keep the Blog Up?

Next month I get my every-other-year, “Dont forget you are paying for two more years of hosting” email. It covers this site and the basically never used

I’ve had the site for quite a while but, as you can see, don’t put much here. It is a combination of (1) not knowing what to say and (2) not wanting to really build some type of following because of what I write. I like writing, but I have other places I can do that, too.

The question for readers: should I keep the blog or just put it in a digital dungeon and be done with it?

Comments appreciated.

7 Replies to “Should I Keep the Blog Up?”

  1. I say keep it up and write more often! The world needs your unique humor and honest / vulnerable faith.

  2. I enjoy hearing your thoughts but can understand if you do not want to keep it up. To do anything well requires a lot of time.

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