Ask the Expert(s): The Digital Eucharist

With so many churches flipped over to live streams for their services, the inevitable question arises about what should and should not be replicated. One element that many churches are considering is communion.

On a whim, I asked Dr. Michael Svigel, department chair of theological studies at Dallas Seminary, if he’d come on to live stream an episode of our podcast. Dr. Svigel had argued that churches could replicate many things, but communion was not one of them.

Dr. Svigel said he would do it, but only if Dr. John Dyer, dean of enrollment services and distance education at Dallas Seminary (also a coding ninja), would join. Dr. Dyer writes on the intersection of theology and technology. This week he wrote about historic views of communion as well as how churches approach participating in communion online.

Graciously, and on short notice, both came on to discuss, and the conversation was incredibly helpful. Watch below. (Podcast episode will drop as normal on Monday):

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  1. The discussion of digital communion was very interesting. It made me think.
    Thank you, Hans!

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