Crowdsourcing Some Blog Post Help From You

So, if you’re new (or old) to the blog, then you’ve noticed that I have been writing more. Writing with a great frequency is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while but simply haven’t set up the time for. I’ve started to budget the time and have done a decent job at keeping it. So, for those who do read this blog with any regularity: I have a question for you.

What are some of the best things that I can write about? What are the posts that you find most beneficial? Why types of things do you want to hear? (Ok, those were questions, but they all orbit around the same idea.)

My cousin Evan and I have a new podcast out, and we think you’ll like it (so please give it a listen if you’re able—also subscribe so that I don’t have to beg you to listen to it). I’m enjoying learning and growing as a pastor in this new stage of life. My family is awesome (from my perspective). I love nerdy leadership and church culture stuff. I love pastries. I know a lot about moisture vapor transmission through concrete slabs and the different methods for repairing them. I have about 65 weeks worth of Bible memory songs. Along with that, I’m not much more familiar with asbestos abatement. There’s a lot that I like and would like writing about and sharing.

However, just because I like something doesn’t mean that you will, which is why I’m asking for your help with content. A family update in one post, a pastor thought in another, a book review in another, a Bible thought in another, a culture thought on yet another, followed up with brands of epoxy for concrete moisture mitigation and their associated costs—it can be a bit unpredictable. I’m generally shooting from the hip when I sit down to write (which is better than nothing, I suppose).

You might be thinking, “I love that it is random.” Maybe that’s true, I just really don’t know what helps and what doesn’t. So please do me a favor:

Either (1) comment on this post or (2) email me or (3) if you have my number, text me. Let me know (a) what types of post you find most helpful and (b) why. That’ll let me know what to focus on and what not to focus on—or at least give me some better ideas on how to structure it.

A wrinkle in all of this (and what makes the writing more conflicting) is that the people who read it are now more varied. The general readership is still made up of my Baton Rouge peeps (shout out to Red Stick—I miss you guys). If I write only about life here then the BR peeps get bored (and I wouldn’t blame you), if I write only about random, detached stuff then the Spring peeps don’t care because it’s boring (and I wouldn’t blame them).

So it’s time to consider some revision in order to stay helpful. If I could wish anything for these posts it would be that they would prove helpful to people. That’s really it—that these posts would somehow help. Help me by letting me know what would bring that end about. I’d really appreciate it. Please let me know.

If (somehow) you made it this far down in the post (which would really surprise me), then check out one of our most recent podcast episodes—in which Evan and I discuss celebrity pastor culture via the shoes they wear. I really enjoyed recording it. Check it out below:

3 Replies to “Crowdsourcing Some Blog Post Help From You”

  1. When I think about some of our most thought provoking conversations we have had, I think about how you challenged some of the commonly held views in “mainstream church.” In certain church practices, you hold a less common position than what is widely accepted in the church. One of your strengths is that any conviction you have, you have a great case built for it. So, even when I don’t agree with your stance, you always stretch me to think differently about something that previously I may not have been thinking about at all.

    I would love see you dive in to some of the places where you take a minority stance. What are some church practices that are concerning to you? For example, some of your expressions of membership or your concerns around the church’s interpretation of Ephesians 4:11-13.

    Looking forward to new posts!

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