A New Podcast for You

“For you” is likely a stretch since nobody asked me to start a new podcast, but it felt better than saying “for me.” Yes, world, a new podcast has been in the works and I wanted to share it on the blog because that’s some of my connection back to the Louisiana world. Drumroll please . . .

About a month ago I was talking to my cousin Evan about the potential of starting a podcast. He and I talk a lot—always have—and have drastically different interests. At the same time, there’s always been enough similarity, mutual respect, and collegiality (is that the right word?) that we thought we could give it a run.

We’ve recorded two episodes of the new podcast—You Never Studied—so far. The most recent episode is below:

Dale (my brother) and I had a good podcast going for a while. We recorded episodes from afar (for the most part) and he’d edit them down. The experience was a lot of fun. This new podcast one is a bit different because Evan and I record it in the same room and we are following a general flow every time.

(Side note: I also helped host a podcast as I finished out my time at The Chapel. That one focused on our discipleship groups and the only reason I’m saying that is because I forgot about it and it annoyed Vick that I forgot because he spent a good amount of time writing the script for it. [I love you, Vick.])

For the newest podcast, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to start a companion website. If you go there you can see episode posts, get in touch (not that most of you don’t have my email or phone number as is), and also see the references that we make in our episodes. You can also subscribe in the usual ways (iTunes, Google Play, or Spotify), which would be incredibly kind.

If you listen and find that it is helpful to you, give it a review on iTunes. I hate asking for reviews, but I guess reviews matter. If you listen and find that it could be helpful for others, please share it with them. I hate asking for you to share it, but these things don’t share themselves. If you ever listen to Al Mohler’s “The Briefing” then just think of it like that. The only differences are, (1) we usually talk about pop culture instead of news events, (2) we aren’t as smart, (3) we include book reviews in our format, and (4) we don’t use the word “worldview” much. Other than that, though, it is exactly the same.

I hope you give it a listen. You can also find our first episode here. This episode gives some background into the name and what we hope to accomplish.

I'd love to hear your thoughts