Nine Months In . . .

I’ve lived in Texas a little more than nine months. Granted, I came from Texas and went to seminary in Texas, but the majority of my adult life has been Louisiana. I think I still claim Louisiana as home. That’ll change after enough Texas BBQ, but for now I’m still more familiar with south Louisiana than I am with the Houston area.

With nine months under the belt, I wanted to give a brief update on life in Texas and some of the observations I’ve had. These won’t be super serious observations because I don’t have time for that. 🙂

First, you drive a lot in Texas. I’m used to driving some, but 30-40 minutes one way to go have lunch with someone is a *lot* of driving. In one day it is easy for me to drive as far as I did in a week in Baton Rouge. Everyone here is used to it, but I think they are crazy.

Second, I think every gas station has a taco stand out front or a taco shop on the side. Tacos are everywhere. Just recently a gas station went up close to the house and—guess what?—it was constructed to have a taco shop beside it. This gas station is right across the street from another gas station that has a taco shop in the parking lot. And if that weren’t enough, when I drive home from church I pass a flooring contractor that has a taco shop set up in its parking lot.

Third, and speaking on tacos, Tochy’s green chile queso is the best queso we have found here. We aren’t queso connoisseurs or anything, but it is really good. The chips are great, too.

Fourth, I hate property taxes. Yes I am the recipient of decent schools and such, but the property tax bill does make me miss my days in Louisiana where I felt like I barely paid any. Where we are living you pay around 2.2% of your assessed value every year.

Fifth, it is fun to be at a neighborhood school. The boys’ school is at the front of our neighborhood. Officially, our kids are back-door walkers (you have to have a designated way you get home). We live a it back in the subdivision, so we drive them to school in the morning and then park on a nearby street at the end of the day and go walk to the back door to pick them up. That’s fun—and it isn’t uncommon to have a neighborhood kid or two at the house after school.

There is, of course, more I could write about, but I’ll leave it at that for now. I’ll write more soon—really. I just wanted to get something up to let you know we are alive, Texas life is good, and (for those who are reading from Baton Rouge) we miss you. Also, enjoy your property tax rate.

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  1. I miss you, Hans! Springs gain was BR’s loss. I have two friends who live in Spring.

  2. This was a fun read to find! I google because I want to know more about the pastor of the church we’ve been visiting… creepy? That’s ok. Anyway- this is true on all accounts… down to the property taxes… I couldn’t really tell how you felt about the taco gas stations though… this might pend membership… anyway, maybe it’s creepier that I’m leaving a comment? Probably so. Anyway, good read! Glad you are in Tejas. You definitely have the gift of teaching and it’s been a pleasure to have attended your church.

    1. Glad you’ve attended, and quite a coincidence you checked it out today because I barely post these days! Gonna try and get back on the writing horse, though. Holler if you need to understanding anything about Genesis. Then I’ll just forward any question to Matt because he knows more. 🙂

  3. Enjoyed the update. And enjoy your property tax rate, out daughter moved from TX to CT, and is crying over their new taxes. Missed you guys!

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