No Netflix 2018

This Sunday, we’ll be in week 3 of our series Resolved. If you’ve been at The Chapel for any amount of time, you’ll see that we’ll do a run for several months through a book, then we’ll run through a topic. As you will see right now, this series focuses on a topic—resolutions.

So, here’s a resolution of mine: No Netflix.

A lot of resolutions are general—be nice, do more good things, give more, etc. I try (and often fail) to make my resolutions specific and, to one degree or another, annoying for me. 

Before you think I’m bananas, I still pay for Netflix. I came home from work today and the kids were watching something. Other than that, though, there is a no Netflix rule for me in 2018. The rule applies to no one else. If I walk by someone watching Netflix I don’t turn into a pillar of salt, I don’t avert my eyes, I just move on with my life.

Why the resolution?

Because I watch way too much of it.

At night I would find large chunks of my time going to trying to find which lame show on Netflix I was going to watch. If I lived in Old Testament times and had to add up the amount of hours of 2017 were spent looking for a dumb show to watch, I’d definitely need some type of ritual purification.

With Netflix came a huge waste of time. Evenings with Courtney (the precious few moments we get together) were a waste. I’d watch a show, she wouldn’t care about said show, and the cycle would repeat itself. All of this is made more ironic (and funny) by the fact that Courtney and I do not own a television. I can’t imagine how much time Netflix would be on if we had a television in the living room.

Do I love West Wing (which, in my opinion, is the best reason to have Netflix)? Yes. Was Bright a ridiculous waste of time? Yes. Do you turn into a zombie if you watch it? Nope (well, someone might—it has been a while since I’ve watch The Walking Dead).

Simply put: I don’t need it and using it contributes almost nothing of value to my day—ever.

You might think that now won’t go to the movies or watch LSU get beaten by whatever team they are playing, but that’s not the case. This isn’t a “No watching anything” resolution—it is specific. This resolution is about one of the bigger time vampires on my life and thus, one of the bigger time vampires for my family.

Seventeen days in and I’ve spent no time trying to find a show to watch. So far, I’ve missed nothing. I feel no worse off. I’m not annoyed by it and, in fact, I love being able to simply say “No idea” when someone asks me about a new show.

However, I have spent numerous nights with Courtney playing Scrabble. We haven’t played Scrabble together in probably close to eight years—maybe more. I really can’t remember. Scrabble isn’t magical, but the conversations that come about while we play have been fun. They’re mundane. Nobody would want to hear them and nobody would care about them. You might think they’re a waste of time that could better be used doing something else. You might be right (for the record, I don’t think you are), but there is a much better return on investment than the previously way I filled my time.


I’m seventeen days in, and I have a lot of time to fail. Just you wait. In the mean time, though, consider your own habits—where are you stealing time from things that are more important? How might you be able to address this? Does Scripture have anything to say about how we spend the waning moments of our evenings?

I believe they do.

4 Replies to “No Netflix 2018”

  1. The first thing I thought of when I read this was.. whew glad he didn’t say Pureflix, because we just talked about getting that! But the reality is we could all use a lot more face time with our spouses, not on the app or looking at apps either. So, I think this is a very good baby step.
    Congrats on your commitment. I probably have half a dozen vices I could quit, so one shouldn’t be too hard! Now just which one is it….
    It is amazing how we spend our lives being distracted and technology is great but I think there is a saying about conversation being a lost art. No wonder I am so bad at it. Maybe scrabble helps with that? Okay, that’s going a bit far. How about backgammon ?

    1. HA! With all respect due to Pureflix, I doubt I’d have any desire to watch whatever it had on it.

      Tech is a crazy part of life to navigate and can really affect our daily interactions. I’m a rather tech-connected guy, but I still try to limit the amount of consumption (and the context of that consumption) so that it doesn’t rule our lives.

      Backgammon. If that works, go for it.

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