Episode 07—Debates and Home Runs

I know, I know. You hate me for writing a post when I am really giving you something to listen to. It is in bad form—I’m sure of it. ”

“Hey, here’s a post!”

Just kidding.

“Hey, here’s my talking with my brother for 40 minutes.”

Oh. Great.

Dale and I are getting together via Skype on Tuesday nights and recording. As it currently goes, we spend one segment on newsworthy (to us) events and another on some take on life or ministry. We do it for us. I think we average about 20 listens per episode and most of those are Dale and me accidentally hitting play. In this episode:

  • Dale and I don’t remember what an oligarchy or aristocracy is.
  • At the 8:00 mark we start talking about the presidential debate from Monday.
  • at the 33:30 mark we turn to Pastor’s Corner, where we discuss the death of a baseball player and an unreal home run.

Since I reference the video multiple times, check below to see what I’m talking about.

If you want to watch the home run uninterrupted, check this out (keep your tissue nearby):

I also referenced this video about Donald Trump sniffing a whole bunch. Go here for that beauty.

I'd love to hear your thoughts . . .