When Brothers Podcast

by Hans on August 6, 2016 in Uncategorized

My younger (and better) brother, Dale, wanted to start a podcast with me. I said, “Sure.” We bought microphones. Then he decided to drive to Baton Rouge with his family for fun. This was recorded late Thursday night in my office. We have work to do to make it make any sense, but I had fun. Listen below and try not to fall asleep.

3 responses to When Brothers Podcast

  1. You guys are pretty funny…I thought I would join your Mom and listen! I never realized that you sounded so much alike…must be brothers! I’m looking forward to your next podcast. I have time…and I’m interested! Thanks!

  2. I love it!! Actually lol during the Trump interview. I’m a fan!!

  3. Thanks for letting us in on your quirky brotherly humor and candor. It’s pretty daring; nice job. Dale is very proud of you, and with good reason. George Stephanopoulos and Donald Trump seem to have a great relationship. I look forward to your thoughts on why 2016 has happened.

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