What a Weird, Weird Nine Days (or so)

I couldn’t help by just try and collect, for posterity’s sake, the goings on in my weird world. It didn’t start getting weird around Cinco de Mayo, but we’ll just start there.

Taco Bowls (May 5th)

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee tweeted out about, of all things, taco bowls. Now, in his defense, this is one of hit tamer tweets, though still offensive and obtuse to many.

My favorite response to the idiocy of the political sparring was this one:

Heartless and Nasty” Evangelical (May 9th)

If you don’t know who Russell Moore is, you should. He’s the director of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the SBC, but, more importantly, he is one of the most salient voices for the gospel in the public square. He writes with compassion, dignity, grace, and truth on many topics where our faith intersects with the public world. He does speak out against Trump, though he does it with the same dignity, grace, and truth you’d expect from someone who represents Jesus. Well, said Republican nominee decided to call him out (on what, I don’t know).

I thought Moore’s original response was funny (at least it was if you follow the way Trump communicates on Twitter):

But his actual response was what you’d expect from someone who knows the gospel:

A Gun for Auction (May 12th)

Yesterday the news went abuzz with reports that George Zimmerman, the man acquitted for killing Trayvon Martin, was trying to auction off the gun used in the killing, calling it “A piece of American history.” Appropriately, I’d say, the auction was trolled. And I’m going to leave it at that.

The Presidential “Decree” (May 13th)

News broke last night that the Obama administration would send out a statement that all public schools must accommodate one’s stated gender identity.

It is, to me, ridiculous government overreach which is trying to promote a worldview and a morality from Kindergarten. I have a Kindergartener, next year another gets added to the mix. We are in public schools and we have (thus far) had a great experience, but presidents don’t make decrees, kings do. We do not have a king. Ari Fleischer, George W.’s press secretary, put it in political terms:

I think of Psalm 2:4 when I read things like this.

He who sits in the heavens laughs; the Lord holds them in derision.

However, I think that heartless and nasty guy has a very good way of thinking about it, so I’ll let him speak.

So, here you are, kids. This is our country right now. So weird. So very weird.

I'd love to hear your thoughts . . .