I *Think* This is A Compliment

A sermon series in idols isn’t always the most enjoyable sermon series. They mess with us. They make us wonder how committed we are to our Savior and Lord. Those questions are good questions for us to ask (2 Cor. 13:5)—especially within the cushy Christian life that we often find ourselves in.

This text, sent from a dear friend, communicates what a lot of us might be feeling. Myself included.


What about you? What thoughts do you have on our Idols series so far?

3 Replies to “I *Think* This is A Compliment”

  1. I was out of town and missed this past Sunday but your first sermon using our beloved Tigers was just what many of us needed to hear. As for your friend requesting “feel good” sermons, conviction and repentance doesn’t “feel good” to me either, but it’s what I/we need. He tells us the key to “Feel Good” (He uses Joy and Peace) is obedience. Obedience in ,”no other God before me”…Bring it, Hans, No feel good (well maybe every once in a while), just the Word!

  2. Could it be that we enjoy the “feel good” sermons because it is easier to worship idols when we are at idle in our “Christian” lives?

    1. Well I’m sure that some people enjoy feel good sermons for those reasons. However, my friend was more making using humor to talk about just how deeply the idolatry runs. So, in this case, I don’t have a problem with it. Thanks, John!

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