Social Media is Gone. Here’s a Song.

I was on Twitter a long time. I was on Facebook once, then I left it, then I got back on, and I left it again. This week I deleted Twitter. The only real reason I was on those things was to get more people to read this blog, which, we must all admit, is merely decent at best. Now that I’m not on either platform I am basically writing for the 37 people who are subscribed to it. Hello, 37 people! How are you? You’ll get to learn more goofy trivia about me from here on out since you’re the only readers. 🙂

Since it is Friday, and I don’t have a lot of time to write “real” things (thank PhD studies for that), I’ll share a song. It’s country music. Sorry.

(UPDATE: People [lawyers, probably] keep removing this video from Youtube. I keep looking for versions to embed but in time, this link will probably stop showing up. Sorry. You should subscribe to the blog!)

(Note to the reader: I don’t even usually like country music.) These songs are about love, drinking, and being incredibly talented (ok, the song isn’t about that, but you get the idea). The truth about this whole video is that it makes me tear up. Don’t laugh. I get caught up watching a room full of talented people (who are used captivating droves of people) get caught up in a moment like this. You never want it to stop. (It might also be because the three things I’ve been longer than a pastor are a Googer, a husband, and a musician.)

Heaven will be like that. Only better.

Happy Friday.

6 Replies to “Social Media is Gone. Here’s a Song.”

  1. I appreciate you taking the time to share yourself and your thoughts…we aren’t that different. I like Justin Timberlake!
    I teared up at the play “The Miracle Worker” last night. I don’t like to tear up in public, but I couldn’t help myself. It touches my heart when people make breakthroughs!

  2. Hans,
    I appreciate this post and I appreciate your honesty and your heart that always dives deep in places where a lot of folks don’t wade.

    Loved the performance!

  3. I don’t read many blogs but yours is one I look forward to. If I’m one of the 37 I hope you keep posting. I’ve recruited one or two other readers.

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