Easter Baptisms—Join Us!

For those of you who think about the Christian calendar, then you know that Easter is coming. For some they read “Easter” and respond with, “You mean spring break?” Others think of bunnies, or eggs, or (gag me) Peeps. Don’t get me wrong, I love marshmallows, but Peeps?!?!?! Sorry. I have a thing with Peeps (and what’s more embarrassing is that I will eat them in shame).

At The Chapel, one of the most significant things we felt we could do on Easter Sunday (and something that has been done for just about the entire time the church has existed) is baptize. It screams of new life.

If you’ve been with us the past two baptism services, then you also knew there have been a few small changes to the service itself. We commit to continuing on in that. Also, Quinn Miller did a great job putting the finishing touches on our baptism booklet. You should look at it regardless of if you’ve been baptized—if not for the content then for the look.

However, cool booklet aside, I wanted to give you a few reasons for considering baptism this Easter.

  • You’ve hovered around Jesus for a while and are ready to follow him: I understand the hovering. Lots of people do it. They want to watch, listen, and wonder. Some bring their doubts. Some bring their hurts. But, at some point in time, we realize that we shifted. That’s what happened to me. Jesus moved from someone I liked to someone I worshipped. If that has happened to you, then to follow in baptism would be appropriate.
  • You are no longer content with your infant baptism: In our part of the world (South Louisiana) a lot of folks were baptized as infants and struggle a lot with whether or not they should (or could) be baptized again. They wonder if, in getting baptized again, they are forsaking their family or their heritage. My answer to that is usually yes, you are—and that is hard to do. (We make mention of that in our baptism info on our website) However, even if obedience for Jesus causes strain in the family (which Jesus says it will) it is well worth it. 
  • You desire obedience: At the end of it all, we must answer this question: will I obey? Baptism doesn’t save, but don’t lose how important it is in the life of the Christian.

If you are curious about baptism, or you know you want to be baptized, we want to hear from you. If we have one baptism or fifty, it is always beautiful when someone declares “I will follow Jesus.”

I'd love to hear your thoughts . . .