Ten Reasons to Join Us for Vision 2020

Thursday night, our Campus Location will host an event (6-8pm) for the whole church—we are calling it Vision 2020.

“What’s the vision?” Folks ask me this from time to time, and this night (I pray) goes a long way in helping answer that question. I hope you can make it.

Because I am sure many are on the fence and others are looking for an excuse not to attend, I want to give you a few reasons I think you should be there. Ten, actually (I tried to go for 20, but it was too difficult) . . .

  1. Unity: There have been hours of interaction amongst staff, elders, and others in the congregation. One church member led focus groups for us; another staffer did demographic research. A team worked on language for mission and vision statements. And we’ve had hours upon hours of prayer. What will be presented is—more than I’ve seen yet in my time on staff—a shared conviction about what is next for our church.
  2. Remembering God’s Faithfulness: We worked on a video for over a month (and by “we,” I really mean Quinn and Bettejean, but still). It summarizes 40 years of our church’s history in ten minutes (four years per minute!). Regardless of when you joined The Chapel’s story, you are represented in some way. Watching it helped me to understand how special The Chapel is.
  3. Black Shirts: I promise you that there will be a non-random amount of black shirts present. This is really like point 1b, since our black shirts are unifying, right?
  4. Bill Cobb’s Dinner: If you don’t know what that means, you should. Come. Eat. Unless you would prefer not to eat…then just come and don’t eat. I’m sure one of our college students will eat your share.
  5. Sharing Jesus: You’ll hear about something our college ministry has been doing to help keep those who need Jesus at the forefront of their minds. It’s been incredibly helpful, and you’ll see how you can join as well.
  6. Worship: Fike and others will lead us in worship. Personally, I love those times.
  7. It’s Your Church: If The Chapel is your church home, I’d say come because The Chapel is your church home. We’re a family. This night will be a good night for our family.
  8. Kevin’s Alliteration: Anyone who knows Kevin knows that he enjoys alliterating all alphabetic amalgamations to let listeners learn better. If you come, you won’t be disappointed.
  9. Because I Said So: I actually preached Sunday about how this is a terrible reason to do things. Just seeing if you’re still paying attention.
  10. It’s Our Future: We’re imperfect. It shows up in everything we do. This night won’t be perfect, but I’ll take an imperfect future with my church family over a perfect presentation.

No doubt someone will wonder why we didn’t mention something that we didn’t think about over all of these months (“Why did this night not include Oaks parking lot repair, Hans?”). These nights can be filled with expectations—sometimes unmet—but we have worked hard to address some of the most significant things about our church going forward.

I believe a wonderful future exists for The Chapel—and being there to hear it will only help you. Click the picture above to sign up. If you can’t make it, send your spouse (this only works if you’re married). If neither of you can make it, send your child (if she can drive).

If you are one of my friends or family who reads this and you are out of town, please be in prayer for our night, specifically that God uses it to make us more dependent upon him and excited about what he has for us.

2 Replies to “Ten Reasons to Join Us for Vision 2020”

  1. I will be in prayer for this night and this vision Hans. To the congregants and those ‘on the fence’, go. This is Hans’ Mom speaking.

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