Ten Things for Ten Years

Ten years. For families at the Oaks that is actually probably on the low end; but for Courtney and me, it stands as a big milestone. Two whole digits of marriage. Other folks at the Oaks might have sixty, but it is still two digits, so I say we are pretty close together.


Sitting at dinner tonight (in which we purchased a dessert and then were brought a free anniversary dessert—two!) Courtney and I were working on our list of ten things for ten years, and we share them with you . . .

  • Ten Years: Courtney and I exchanged vows ten years ago today—January 8, 2005. Kevin McKee did the ceremony, and we rode in a party bus to the reception that was owned by Hot Rod Williams (so you know we are big time).
  • Nine Weddings: In the past ten years, Courtney and I have stood in a wedding a total of nine times. Not that many, actually, but it still got us our number nine.
  • Eight Nieces and Nephews: This works itself out as five boys and three girls, and this number will become nine (one more boy) in the next few months, but eight works for now.
  • Seven Computers: Two Dell laptops, an HP laptop and desktop, and then we switched to Macs. Two MacBook Pros and an iMac later, our ten years have seen seven computers do a lot of work for us.
  • Six New Pots and Pans: This one took the longest. On a whim, we got new pots and pans—last week. In fact, they are the first set we’ve ever purchased for ourselves. One stock pot, two skillets, two saucepans, and one sauté pan. You’d almost think we bought them just to make it work, but we didn’t. However, we are glad it worked out.
  • Five Vehicles: We’ve owned five vehicles in our ten years (others were borrowed from family and friends). We started with an old Lexus (wrecked), it was replaced with a Jeep. we also bought a Corolla in our first year of marriage, and it got rear-ended back in March and was replaced with a Sebring. When the Jeep left our possession we replaced it with an Odyssey. Currently, the Odyssey and Sebring are doing the grunt work (but the Sebring isn’t grunting at all in this cold weather). Hopefully we don’t wreck more of them.
  • Four Countries: We had to include the US in this one, but on top of that we have been to Bolivia, Israel, and Jordan together. There are quite a few memories of those trips. Great ones.
  • Three Boys: Ethan came about five years into marriage, Asher eighteen months later, and Abram two years after that. They are currently all upstairs about to brush their teeth, I’ll join up in just a moment. Perhaps more children will join us in time, but those three boys have been such a delight.
  • Two Cities: In ten years we have only lived in two cities—Dallas and Baton Rouge—split up in roughly equal five-year jaunts. Dallas is where our marriage was formed, and Baton Rouge is where we added the children (and my full-time employment, much to the joy of my in-laws, I’m sure).
  • One Marriage: What God has joined together has remained for ten years, and we look forward to many more.

As I sit here writing this our wedding photos are importing into iPhoto (something we haven’t done). This is actually the first time I’ve looked through them (and I am just occasionally glancing at them as it is). We look funny. Courtney and I aren’t picture takers, and Courtney isn’t a makeup wearer. Both of those things happened on that day ten years ago. Again, we look funny.

I just saw a picture of some of the custodial staff from the dorm where I was an RA. Some of the sweetest ladies I have ever met. So many people have contributed to the past ten years, more than we can count—and Courtney and I would both absolutely agree that our marriage wouldn’t have lasted these ten years without those same people.

But for grace . . .

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