Sunday Debrief: Servants of the Church (10/5/14)

It’s been an emotionally tiring few weeks. If you are a part of The Chapel family in any way, then you know why. It’s been hard to muster up entries on much of anything, but why not dive back in on a Sunday where we talk about (dun dun dun!) DEACONS. You know them as the nice people in the picture below.

If I were giving this sermon a baseball term I would say it was a bloop single—glad I at least got on base. I’m a bad journaler. Some people are journal rock stars, but this guy is not. So you get me blogging about my inadequacies instead. 🙂 However, I am grateful to be getting into these subjects a little more as a church (although, to quote Fike, these sermons “aren’t sexy”—he’s right).

So, on to deacons. . .

I sometimes think about the person in the congregation who doesn’t know Jesus and sometimes think, “Why am I preaching a sermon on the history and qualifications of deacons?” While I wish I could’ve left the congregation with this grand view of how deacons function in our church and then 1,000 would’ve gotten saved. I think I left them more informed. Inspired? Probably not.

However, for some, this is a topic that is interesting, so, rather than steal all the fun, I’ll point you to some other people who can have the fun with you.

  • Did the Apostles Establish the Office of Deaconess? This is an article by a friend, mentor, and professor Mike Svigel. Mike’s smarter than me in every way. He also wears lederhosen (hmmm. . .chair of theology AND lederhosen wearer, win win). Mike traces some of the biblical and historical background on deacons, specifically women deacons, and then drawn some conclusions. If you read nothing else, read his conclusions at the bottom.
  • John MacArthur on Deacons: This is for you MacArthur lovers. Johnny Mac essentially says there likely isn’t an official office of deacon in the New Testament. The great thing about that view is you no longer have to worry about whether women should be in that office—you just get to say “Everyone should serve in every way the Bible says they should.” Good call, John.
  • John Piper on Deacons: This if for you Piper Lovers (and bullet point lovers). Johnny P (P for “Protestant Pope”) sees an office that both men or women could serve within. And, since Piper says it, it probably isn’t wrong.

With that, I bid you farewell. I have some thoughts about church order that perhaps I can share with you for another time. Been rolling around in my head for a while.

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  1. I think you need to start at the top and change the date to 10/5/14. What can I say, I’m a detail oriented person.

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