Sunday Debrief: (Re)Discover Life (6/15/14)

Sometimes I like to watch preacher guys talk about preaching, which is essentially what these smart preacher guys are doing. This clip is on a few of the smartest current preacher/teacher guys talking about the issue of legalism and grace in their preaching/teaching.

South Louisiana doesn’t struggle with license as much as legalism, in my opinion. And established churches, such as my own, have the same struggles. I find that even in my own heart the war wages on against trying to set up false christs that are supposed to bring the satisfaction of a Risen Savior.

Preaching is not my strongest gift. I am more of a teacher (even while I preach). And pastoring is not one of my best roles either. I am more of an administrator. Thus, to be in the role I am in makes me chuckle. The two things that I am “known for” are two of the things that I am not as gifted in as other things. But it seems that the world keeps spinning.

However, on Sundays like today, I find it an honor to be in the pulpit. I believe strongly that we must always put away our ministry idolatry, worship music idolatry, staff member idolatry, programming idolatry, clothing idolatry, and things like these. What I want to be known for is Jesus. What we want our church to be known for is Jesus, but we have to do some wading through our counterfeit Jesus tendencies if we are going to get there.

If you are keeping count, and I am, I’ve actually debriefed nothing about the passage we preached, nor nothing on the Sunday itself. I probably won’t. What I’m going to ask of you is to¬†pray for us so that we can focus on what matters the most–Jesus. That we delight in the gospel and are wiling to change much of our wants or pseudo-needs to help people find the same gospel that found us.

Jesus is worth it

I'd love to hear your thoughts . . .