Sunday Debrief: Celebration Sunday (4/13/14)

“Through profound pain and loss, God has revealed his grace and mercy. The Transformation series has shown our family and myself that is is all God’s. Everything we have, everything we are is his. To God be the glory.” —One of our dozens of response cards from Celebration Sunday. 

We’ve finished the Transformation 2014 series. Some are rejoicing that it is over. Others are saddened. The rest of you are in the middle and wondering what is next. 🙂  I’m grateful for all of you. 

If you weren’t here yesterday, you missed out on a sweet Sunday—one unlike our usual Sundays. Stories were told, people were challenged, and everyone was given an opportunity to say “this is how God has changed/is changing me” (writing that I thought, “Wait, this shouldn’t be ‘unlike our usual’”). The board of response cards has more than I’ve currently counted—dozens, but I’m not sure how many. 

To finish this series off I wanted to simply share four thoughts now that this is all finished. 

  1. I love my church. The amount of conversations I’ve been able to have with people about life, ministry, and our hearts has been significant. We’re all talking about the same things and we are talking about it together. And so many of you responded to our challenged to go through this series with us. Over 700 began, I’m not sure how many finished, but most of them did. Thank you! 
  2. It’s amazing what we can accomplish together. One of my fears this whole time has been that after yesterday we just go back to “business as usual.” We don’t recognize the impact of all talking about, praying about, and moving toward the same thing, or we recognized it but aren’t concerned about continuing it. I cannot count the ways we were single-minded through this endeavor (even the people who didn’t want to do it at least knew what they didn’t want to do!). It took a lot of work to get where we got, but I’ll take that any day over us all going in a similar(ish) direction. 
  3. Money and stuff grips our hearts. Unfortunately, one of the things this exposed was that Christians (or at least our church) are pretty similar to everyone else when it comes to how we handle money and things. We find our identity, hopes, and dreams in material crap. I still think about that number $8.464m in non-mortgage debt and just go “wow”. Praise God that we he has changed that number already, but it won’t matter if we aren’t being transformed from the inside out. 
  4. It isn’t about money and stuff. I am grateful for my friends Steve and Wendy sharing what they did yesterday. If you didn’t hear it, I’m sorry for you. It showed me many times over that this ultimately is about a submitted heart. A transformed heart. 

I look forward to this Easter Sunday. I hope so many people come. I’m glad that we are giving away our whole offering. I look forward to our Colossians series that begins April 27th. And I’m so glad that God brought us through these past nine weeks together

What are your thoughts? If you went through the experience, what did you think? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts . . .