Sunday Debrief: Caught in a Trap (3/2/14)

I hope everyone enjoyed their (very cheap) Chinese finger trap. I saw people breaking them right after the service. You’re welcome. 

Getting rich (or dying while we try) isn’t just a trap that we may fall into, many of us already have. We fill our lives, or bank accounts, our homes, and our plates with things for us—with a constant need to gain more. Gordon Gekko infamously reminds us of this idea.

But not so for the Christian (or at least, we would hope it to not be so) . . .

I shared our numbers from our FPU snapshots on Sunday. I’ve had two more snapshots come in since then. So, for those of you who missed it, here are the numbers:

  • Total Snapshots: 328
  • Total Non-Mortgage Debt: $8,444,457.78
  • Total Liquid Cash: $7,509,260.27
  • Total Credit Cards: 905

That gives an average debt per snapshot of $25,745.30 and, when we put all our cash toward our debt, an outstanding balance of $935,197.51. And remember: this doesn’t include the millions of dollars in mortgages that exist within the congregation. It is no wonder that we struggle to live out the generosity of an early church—we’ve mortgaged it away. 

“But I’m not rich,” we say. That’s where we go to the Global Right List. In doing that we recognize that an annual income of $50,000 puts you in the top 0.31% of global wage earners (no, there isn’t a typo). $30,000 puts you in the top 1.23% globally. Friends, we are the rich young ruler. And yet our amount of consumption (and debt) shows us that we aren’t content with what God’s given us—and we often aren’t using it in ways that bring him glory.

Riches may trap us. Desiring riches tempts us. That’s why Paul has to remind us “godliness with contentment is great gain” (1 Tim. 6:6). We learn contentment (Phil. 4:12), it does not come naturally. With the grace of God as our instructor (Ti 2:11) we learn to walk the way of Jesus—a way that says God is enough; a way that is satisfied with food and clothing; a way that gives abundantly, prays expectantly, trusts in everything, and rejoices in Jesus. 

May we together learn that Jesus is enough for everything and always.

Global Right List

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