Sunday Debrief: A New Kind of Normal (2/9/14)

This past Sunday we kicked off our Transformation 2014 campaign. This isn’t your mama’s stewardship campaign. This is an all-out, months-in-the-making, idol-crushing look at how we handle our finances in light of Jesus and all he has done for us (not the “please give us your money so we can build a new building” campaign). 


This campaign idea actually started years ago in the minds and hearts of many in our church (though we’ve been working diligently the past eleven months in this unique expression). For years The Chapel has had folks who counsel people financially, and time and time again they’ve encountered people of all ages and financial situations who are in terrible—even idolatrous—financial situations. 

My brothers, this should not be. 

Rather than just preach at people and tell them to get their house in order, we wanted to take it a step further. We are also offering a tool to help our families consider their finances. That tool is Financial Peace University. So while we preach on Sundays around the issues of the heart regarding finance, our whole church is going through FPU at the same time (or as many as possible—currently around 600). . .

This is no small endeavor. Most of the ministries of our church have stopped their programming for nine weeks. Our classes have stopped. Our community groups have stopped. Our youth ministry reworked their studies and adopted a different curriculum. Our women’s ministry canceled their amazing conference (and didn’t book one of the best women’s ministry speakers in the country right now even though they had the contract in hand). And this is all because we believe that helping people handle their money biblically is worth it. 

This morning was exciting for me unlike many. To be able to share from the heart about finance and how people who love Jesus need to consider it—while at the same time not raising it—freed me like very little has. And I am excited as we run all the way up to Palm Sunday and culminate at Easter—where we will be able to give away our entire Sunday’s offering. 

Our journey is only beginning, but I cannot wait for the work of the Spirit in our church and what will come from this. There’s still time to join us, too.  May God continue to teach us what it means to follow after him. 

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  1. Due to life’s circumstances we were unable to attend the kickoff of Transformation. Tried to pull up your sermon online but the volume is so low it can’t be heard. Went back through a few of your sermons and it was the same for each. Posted sermons from the Campus aren’t great but definitely audible.

    Can whoever posts the sermons be made aware that the audio level needs to be increased????? (that is, make it better)

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