Truer Words. . .

I just caught this on Twitter, but wanted to repost here for some other folks who subscribe to the blog. It’s a portion of a David Platt sermon that focuses on the idolatry of sports in our culture. 

Idolatry and Sports from David Platt on Vimeo.

I speak about this fairly often, but sometimes it is good to hear someone else say things in different (and better) ways. I agree 100% with what is said. Sports are the dominant religion of our culture and nothing else comes close, in my observation; and I’m not just talking about LSU football. We disciple our children to love sports above all, and it is working. 

The funny thing to me in this is that many men struggle with the idea of discipleship, specifically discipling their family. If you love sports, train your children in loving sports, orient your life around sports, get excited and emotional about sports, then you are already discipling your kids. Root out your idol, give those affections to Jesus, and be amazed. 

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  1. I listened to this whole awesome sermon in the fall and posted on Facebook and twitter for others to at least HEAR what D. Platt was saying. Not very many takers. I actually had one person tell me that they knew it would convict them so they didn’t listen.
    The words in the sermon are so true, so true… I started noticing how people can be so sedate while singing praises to the Most High King, but the same people get CRAZY excited when their team scores a touchdown. I think that is odd.
    Love and miss you young Hans.

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