Sunday Debrief: Courageous Leadership (2/2/14)

I’m grateful for Sundays like this past one. Where I feel like the sermon was a swing and a miss and somehow, by the grace of God, the Lord ministers to people through it and they let me know. (Tim Keller has mentioned that you need 200 sermons under your belt before you are a competent preacher, so check back with me in 2016 or 2017.) (Also, for all of the “Hans, you did fine” commenters [which don’t really exist], I’m really not looking for sympathy—promise).

Courageous Leadership. For you guys out there, here’s your clip. . .

For you Matt Damon fans, here’s your clip. . .

For everyone else. . .

Granted, those last two aren’t really about courageous leadership, but more just courage. Still, you get the idea. We pray and hope for a church of people courageous enough to lead out in this world for the name and fame of Jesus.

It’s interesting that Joshua 1 is where we often go to look at an idea of leadership in the face of adversity because Joshua (the leader) doesn’t say anything. God does. God is the only one speaking during this time, and it gives the expectation that God had for Joshua as the leader of his people.

Now, today, we aren’t taking the land. We aren’t leading an army of Israelites. We aren’t waiting on the other side of the Jordan. And I’m not the kind of preacher that tries to get the congregation to visualize whatever “their land” is so they can seize it. That, to me, isn’t genuine to the text.

But I do hope for a church full of people committed to trusting in their great God. And a commitment together to lift up the name of Jesus regardless of consequence. He will always be worth that.

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  1. As you know, compliments destroy humble hearts–however, you do knock many out of the ball park. Thanks for being our pastor!

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