Why This Stoic Man Likes Pine Cove

I’m not a “rah-rah” kind of guy. I don’t get too excited, or too un-excited, about anything. In staff meetings, I sometimes have to say something like, “Please don’t interpret my silent, stoic look for disapproval (or approval, for that matter).” Songs with hand motions are my kryptonite. If you don’t like it, perhaps you can blame my dad, who is almost the exact same way. And Ethan came blame me, as I already see that in him.

So when our church annually hosts Pine Cove’s Camp in the City, it could be something that scares me away. (I think one of the main things they look for in their summer staff is excitability.) However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Driving to the office on days we are hosting camp is a joy. And the family and I take a week each summer to go to Family Camp—which I will do as long as we possibly can. It hasn’t made me a cheerleader, but it has made me more like Jesus. 

Many folks at our church send their kids to youth camp, or go to family camp, or have their kids come to Camp in the City (which we host). Our church is rather Pine Covey (perhaps I can TM that?). We always send summer staff there, and we even send a busload of students Week One. But, haters be warned, there is great grace to be found in the midst of the hand motions, jumping up and down, and other general zaniness. 

Pine Cove has helped to train the youth leaders (mainly college students) at our church and make them some of the best leaders we have, not just for youth. Pine Cove has helped families at our church grow stronger together. Pine Cove has been a blessing to families who couldn’t get their kids to camp and have rather been able to send them to Camp in the City with us. And I am grateful for it all.

Since most of the readers of this blog go to The Chapel, and the rest are related to people who do, I’m going to put a plug in for our Camp in the City initiative again this summer. If you register this Monday, February 3, and put the code SGMBLOG in when you register, then you’ll get $15 off Camp in The City, or $25 off Overnight Camp, or $100 off of Family Camp.

You may not be a cheerleader, either. But what Pine Cove does for Jesus is greater than you and me. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts . . .