Sunday Debrief: Advent Confidence (12/8/13)

Come Thou Long Expected Jesus. . . 

We spent this morning beginning our Advent series. (Now, officially, Advent began on December 1 and will continue until Christmas Eve, but we pick and choose when we use the Christian calendar [the ambiguity of whether or not I meant that positively or negatively is on purpose.])

So for this entire series we will look at both the first and second coming(s) of Jesus and how that transforms our ordinary life into something for his purposes. 

This morning we spoke of confidence. . .

Our confidence comes not from our own ideas or our own hopes but from what God has spoken and promised to us through the Scriptures. Zechariah (the father of John the Baptist, not the OT prophet) spoke boldly about what God has promised, namely, a great Redeemer who would come through David’s line. As he recalled the promises of God he saw how many were being fulfilled (or beginning their fulfillment) in that moment.

Likewise, Peter pointed to both the Transfiguration and the Scriptures as the assurance of Christ’s second coming–the return in which he would right every wrong and fulfill the joy of those who wait for him. 

Our hope is not in some pages, or words on those pages. Our hope is not in red letter or black letters or in cool stories. Our hope is in a Savior who is worth trusting. Whose word is true and life is pure. We want our confidence in his promises to spur us on to great boldness. And we do it all as we await his return. 

He is the joy of every longing heart. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts . . .