Birthday Joys

Four years ago today, life changed for the Googer household with the entrance of one Ethan James into the world. We picked the name Ethan because we liked it; and we picked the name James because my maternal grandfather (who passed away seven months before Ethan’s birth) was a James. Unfortunately, Grandpa Jimmie never knew that he would be a great-grandfather again by way of us Googers.

Here he is on (or around) each birthday: 

Ethan Bday

Four years ago tomorrow, life changed again as I sat in a waiting room and Courtney recovered in her hospital room while Ethan had surgery to repair something broken in him. (For those of you not acquainted with that part of our life, you can read more about it here). Those first 48 hours transformed us forever, and I am grateful. 

I am grateful that God gave us an opportunity to trust him. 

I am grateful that I got to see a church family rally around us in such a tough time.

I am grateful that I can resonate with people who have children in the NICU. 

I am grateful for family who drove five hours to be here with us (and brought their kids with them). 

I am grateful for the NICU staff we got to know so well (and still keep in touch with). 

But I’m most grateful for the past four years with this boy: 

Googer Family Nov13 8778


Happy birthday, Ethan!

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