Sunday Debrief: Making Time for Disciples (11/10/13)

Every disciple of Jesus is a disciple maker. There is no way around it.

The conversation is a haunting one, especially why you realize that you may not be disciple-making. . .

Many things parade around in the guise of disciple-making. But God knows our hearts. This past Sunday challenged me greatly. It challenged be me because Jesus gave us a command to make disciples. It challenged me because I realize that I can mask disciple-making with other things. And it challenged me because disciple-making is a key way in which we are to glorify God (or make God be seen and felt here on earth). 

The question for us is this: how do we need to change how we structure our lives so that disciple-making is a key component of what we do? As a church we are constantly asking this question. As a pastor I am constantly asking that question for my own life and for how I lead. As a dad I’m asking it for my family.

I loved this past Sunday. I loved being with the church family, and I pray that God settles into all of our hearts the necessity of this truth: disciples make disciples. Jesus expected it, and doing so will be a source of great delight for us as we see the presence of God more manifest in the world around us.

I'd love to hear your thoughts . . .