Sunday Debrief: I am Adopted (9/8/13)

Those in Christ are adopted into the family God. Let that sink in.

You are a son, not a slave. You stand not in slavery, but in life as a son or daughter of God, with Jesus as your brother–now and always. This past Sunday excited me because I got to share about one of my favorite topics–belonging to the family of God. And I was extra excited because of the kindness of one Randall Goodgame (we often sing his music during our family worship) who let Evan, team, and a few children (whom I pretended were adopted by their parents when I began preaching) sing his song “I’m Adopted” during the service. (Read Randall explain the song here, and buy all his music here [or on iTunes, but I’m not linking you there]).

After the service Evan told me I couldn’t make any more song requests on Sunday morning. I’m not sure if I will oblige him, though, because he goes above and beyond to involve people in our church family and do the boring things like get permission to play songs such as Randall’s. . .

Many songs we sing in church are protected by a magic club called CCLI, which basically pays artists about 20 bucks a year when churches report to them the music they played on Sunday (the exception would be Chris Tomlin; he likely gets substantially more than 20 bucks). We, like most churches that like to stay legal, report that kind of information, but in some situations we have to find the artists and ask them specifically in email exchanges like this (sorry the fonts change):

From: Randall Goodgame

Subject: Re: I’m Adopted

Date: September 4, 2013 2:42:43 PM CDT

To: Evan Godbold


Absolutely. Glad it can be useful to you and an encouragement to your people.

Have you seen the video?

Peace, and I hope Sunday goes well.

Randall Goodgame
Slugs & Bugs Family Music

On Sep 4, 2013, at 2:31 PM, Evan Godbold wrote:


My name is Evan Godbold.

1. Thanks for writing great songs. Slugs and Bugs is on a lot in our household.

2. I am a worship pastor at a church in Baton Rouge called The Chapel, and I am planning on playing Slugs & Bugs tune “I’m Adopted” in our worship services this Sunday along with some children vocalists 😉 as primer for our sermon this week (I Am Adopted).

I just realized as I set out to make the chart for this tune that this is not a CCLI song. I wanted to get permission from you to make sure it is okay to use this in church.

Our license covers 95% of what we play, and if I can’t find a way to contact the author of the song, I’ll usually still do it. But if I *can* ask, I will.

So this is me asking, can I use your awesome song about being adopted into the family of God for our worship service about being adopted into the family of God?

Also, I recognize you might be busy, and may not get this or answer this until after Sunday has passed… so I will take a non-reply as a “yes.”

Thanks for the music.

Evan Godbold
Worship Leader, The Chapel in the Oaks

My favorite part of that, of course, is when Evan says, “I will take a non-reply as a ‘yes.'” (Hey, we do try to stay above board.)

So the kindness of Randall led to a sweeter service. One where we spoke of the family of God and parents got a catchy tune to sing for days on end (I mean that, days on end).

But the most important part of the whole Sunday was this:

You are a son, not a slave. 

Jesus died and through faith in him, we are brought into the family of God. It changes everything. And now we get to take part in the family business (disciple-making) while living out the family values (love, repentance, joy, service, giving, gratitude, etc.). My plea for all who are in the church is that we live lives as brothers and sisters together. It doesn’t mean we will live perfectly but that we are part of the family together. No time remains for deep-seated squabbles and back-biting. Jesus died for more than that.

None of us belonged. All of us were enemies of God. But now we are God’s sons and daughters.

Now that we can sing about (Hey-oh, Hey-oh!).

PS–For those of you who want to be awed by adoption, watch this video:

I Like Adoption. from on Vimeo.

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