Sunday Debrief: I am Gifted (8/25/13)

Another Sunday, another funday.

Continuing in the Who am I? series, we hit the topic of giftedness–that each person in the body has some unique way in which he or she will be used by the Spirit to mature the body. Truth is, we all need each other and the various gifts in order to be the body that God designed us to be–and to grow into maturity as He desires.

I took a moment in the sermon to speak on the gift of prophecy and wanted to share with you one of my sources.  

What Is Prophecy in the New Covenant? from Desiring God on Vimeo.

(Now, I gotta be honest, sometimes I picture these gifts like Christmas gifts. I shouldn’t, and definitely do not encourage you to. I’m not sure why that is, other than the fact that people usually get the most gifts at Christmas time. This, of course, makes the Holy Spirit like Santa Claus and Santa Claus judges us based on whether or not we are bad and good so I think the whole thought should just be thrown out.)

There’s much to consider when we think about the gifts, but a few things are true. . .

  • Every believer has them-New believer, mature believer, young, old, child, everyone has a gift (or gifts). That means that the folks in “big church” need the folks in “little church,” too.
  • They exist to minister to the body-Gifts are used to minister to one another in the body and serve to support one another so that. . .
  • As gifts are used within the body, the body matures to full Christ-likeness-This is the coolest part for me. Everyone matters to the point that Jesus has knit us together in such a way that requires us to serve each other in the way He has designed.

We have all types of different ways to discover our spiritual gifts, but my encouragement to you is to get around other brothers and sisters in the Lord and consider these questions:

  • What do I do that builds these people up in love?
  • What do they see in me that builds them up? I’d actually have you ask them this question. 
  • What brings me joy as I minister to the body?

You can take those questions to the bank. I just conjured them up. Also, if you’re in Baton Rouge and want to take our Spiritual Gifts class, you can sign up here.

Truth is, though Jesus will build His church, He made you and me to need each other. So get in the game. I need you. 


I'd love to hear your thoughts . . .