Sunday Debrief: I am a Member (8/18/13) (or, The Show Goes On)

It happened again. Another Sunday where I realized how unneeded I was (there are many). As you may (or may not) know, Courtney delivered Abram Alexander on Monday. Now, I’m one for preaching every Sunday I’m given, so I asked Courtney if she’d let me preach the Sunday after his delivery. She said “yes” (it was almost as exciting as the day we got engaged). I let the big dawg know (who some call Kevin McKee), and he kindly suggested I take that Sunday off.

I fought it at first, then thought it might be good to remind myself how I’m not in this thing for me, so I tapped Corey O’Quin, our Community Groups Guru, to preach the sermon since it was right up his alley (talking about being members together in the body), and he did a great job! I took him to a long lunch afterward to talk about all kinds of things, and the bulk of my comments were on delivery, not content. (Hey, you don’t win “Best Male Actor” in 8th grade without learning a thing or–no, just one thing–about communicating.)

1 Corinthians 12 teaches us the value of being members together in the body (and we will talk further about our giftedness next Sunday)–that Jesus is doing a work bigger than we can imagine when He calls us together in His Body. We ended with this great testimony of a young member of our congregation finding a way she can put her membership in Christ’s body on display in a beautiful way.

(Untitled from The Chapel on Vimeo.)

You know, though, as great as Corey was (and he did do a wonderful job), I come away realizing a few things about my own replaceability. So, without further ado, here are my three thoughts about being disposable in ministry.

  1. If you can’t leave it, then it is about you. We all have roles in the body, but nobody is indispensable; and the moment we think we are, we are in trouble. It’s a sad day for my flesh and a great day for Jesus when I show up to our worship service…and everything happened without me.
  2. Stepping back gives others opportunities to shine. Kevin McKee is the best at this. I’ve never met a man less threatened by other people, and I’m not sure I ever will. While some people are concerned about what might happen if other people step up in areas of ministry, he looks to give them away. Only my ego keeps me from letting guys like Corey (who is my peer) get into the pulpit and grow as a leader and bless others in the process.
  3. If you can’t leave it, then it is about you. Wait…did I already say this one?

So this Sunday blessed me. Yes, I look forward to preaching this coming Sunday, but I also know that The Chapel in the Oaks is in wonderful hands should I ever not be there. In fact, probably better hands.

I'd love to hear your thoughts . . .