Sunday Debrief: Be the Church (Finishing Acts)

We did it. You may not have though it would happen, but we finished our Acts series. One year later and 42 sermons (41 at The Campus Location–I want The Oaks to over-achieve). That means that if you came to The Oaks you likely gave over a day of your life to listening to me (I’m sorry for that).

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It was a sweet Sunday. And as part of it we went through Acts in 24 words. Here they are (for you Bible nerds). . .

  • 1-Promise
  • 2-Spirit
  • 3-Lame
  • 4-Boldness
  • 5-Greed
  • 6-Servants
  • 7-Stephen
  • 8-Samaria
  • 9-Saul
  • 10-Gentiles
  • 11-Antioch
  • 12-Freed
  • 13-Mission
  • 14-Stoned
  • 15-Grace
  • 16-Lydia
  • 17-Culture
  • 18-Faithful
  • 19-Ephesus
  • 20-Eleders
  • 21-Home
  • 22-26-Testimony
  • 27-Sailing
  • 28-Rome

The Lord is great and powerful, and we have seen that time and time again. Last night my community grow discussed the book and what has changed within us. Several mentioned the perseverance of Paul and the need for us to

So now we are done, and the challenge is to be the church. The church isn’t a destination, it isn’t a facility, and it isn’t, ultimately, an organization. We all know that but we have to fight to believe that and act accordingly. I, and the rest of the staff, are looking forward to the new series kicking off this Sunday: Who am I? A look at our identity in Christ. I hope to see you there.

If you were a part of the series and have any thoughts, feel free to add in the comments. . .

I'd love to hear your thoughts . . .