Sunday Debrief: Shepherding the Flock (7/14/13)

Some days I walk away from preaching thinking I nailed it, other days I don’t. I’m not sure what yesterday was. All signs should’ve pointed to the sermon working perfectly. It is a topic I love (elders and church leadership) at a church I love (The Chapel) where I got to highlight the leadership of the church that I love (our own elders).

The text came from Acts 20:17-38, Paul’s farewell speech to the Ephesian elders. I love this side of Paul’s ministry because he isn’t speaking about elders (like we see in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1) but is speaking to elders. It is a unique insight into how Jesus turned this murderer into a pastor or pastors. I called it the first pastor’s conference. To highlight the passage, we got to share this video of our own elders at The Chapel:

By God’s grace, it doesn’t really matter how I felt at the end of the Sunday. I got the blessing of sharing about a critical part of church life. . .

Elders have a God-ordained and Spirit-appointed role in a church. They are to know, lead, feed, and protect the flock of God. Elders set the example that the whole church should be able to follow after; and by knowing the elders of your church, you should see what it means to walk closely with Jesus. 

At a church like The Chapel we have many different church backgrounds. I can recall Catholic, Church of Christ, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Non-Denominational, Presbyterian, and Charismatic backgrounds without giving it much thought at all. Thus, talking about church leadership in a way that we may all agree upon is about as easy as–well, agreeing on anything. 

But here, at a broad level, is what we spoke about:

  • A shepherd holds nothing back–regardless of what might come. 
  • A shepherd watches out for the condition of the flock. 
  • A shepherd sets an example for the flock. 
  • A shepherd loves the flock

If you’d like to read more on elders, here are two reads (along with 1 Timothy 3, Titus 1, and 1 Peter 5):

Until next time. . .

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